The Dream I Will Never Forget

This is actually a dream that I had. It might be a bit confusing, but that's because I simply wrote it exactly the same as I dreamt it.

Another step, and I'm in. My view reaches every corner of the room, scanning it, along with everyone inside. I quickly glance at all the people, but none of them manage to keep my attention.

I do not know this place. There is no logical answer to the question: "What am I doing here?" What's even more strange is the fact that I don't seem to remember how I got here. And yet, something mystical and unfathomable pulls me inside. I do not know how I managed to get here, let alone how to get back. Therefore, it only made sense to make another step.

I stood in a remote corner of the room, and as I was trying to figure out what all those people were doing there, time was slowly passing by. I looked at the group of unfamiliar people silently, as they were talking to each other.

From my point of view, it almost seemed as if they were moving from one point, in such a manner that they coincidentally made a circle; And then, as they would reach the point that they had started from, they would disappear.

As I stared at the endless game they played, one of the faces looked familiar. But not just that. It was one of that faces that was gladly seen, dear even, but in the next moment it perished again and I got back to my thinking.

As time flew, more people started disappearing. As the crowd dispersed, leaving behind only a handful of people, I noticed a giant TV in the next room. A movie had just started. I do not know what urged me to go in, but I did. I made myself feel at home, ready to enjoy the rest of the night.

As my gaze aimlessly wandered across the room, I caught a glimpse of that same familiar face with the corner of my eye. The only difference this time around, was that it was still there in the next moment. She simply stood there, a couple of meters away.

For a brief moment, there was complete silence. Then, she entered, said "Hello" and sat on a couch beside me. We were both focused on the screen in front of us. As I was watching the movie, everything seemed blurry. It was almost as if the colors had started melting and overlapping each other. Somehow, despite all that, I was able to hear and understand everything that was happening.

After some time, the sound in the movie turned into amazingly relaxing music - a genre I have never heard before. Judging by the sound, it was a mix of classical music and something even more beautiful.

Without a word, she stood up and started dancing.  As if something pulled me towards her, I got on my feet and joined her. Somehow, we both knew it was the right thing to do, and none of this was strange to either of us.

Soon after, we stopped. I caught myself staring at her eyes, the same way she did at mine. They had a strange glow to them; Something I have never seen before, and probably will never see again.

They radiated happiness, along with every other feeling shown in her pupils. It's as if I could see through those eyes. I could see all those feelings together, but in a very clear, non-confusing way. All of that somehow made a certain shape, the one that they call a soul of a person.

I glassed myself in her eyes, knowing that she sees the same things in mine. We were silent. It seemed like we were both feeling the things that the other person feels. We understood so much in that single moment. We shared our thoughts, therefore silence was appropriate. Words would only ruin this moment.

It was in this moment that I felt what it means to love and be loved - completely, honestly, unconditionally; without even a tiniest bit of doubt in our minds. Knowing someone that good, accepting them and loving them for who they are - that is the best thing that can happen to a human being.

It looked so perfect, saved in the silence in which we dwell. Our bodies were getting closer, and in the next moment my lips were on her neck. With her hair all over my shoulders, I wrapped my arms around her.

Loved; Both of us loving, in some new, unfamiliar, and yet incredible way. Right there and then, I felt love as it should be - honest, totally unconditional... Simply perfect!

The End

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