The Dream Diary Of Minta Hall

Minta Hall of The Dark Moonlight Trilogy's story. Sort of runs alongside said series.

I knew that if no one put their hand up and answered, the teacher would get angry.

I also knew no one would put their hand up.

Sighing quietly, I raised my arm. The teacher turned his beady eyes to me, his expression still hard and strict, but with a hint of relief.
"Miss Hall," he said, pointing at me, the veins on his skin standing out like taut cables on a suspension bridge.
"The country of Brazil is considered the richest country in the world, even though fifty percent of it's inhabitants live in extreme poverty."
"Thank you, Miss Hall. Now, as Miss Hall has just said, Brazil..."
"How come you're so brainy? You know everything," Dawn whispered to me. Dawn was my best friend, even though were as different as Yin and Yang. Her hair was a deep raven black always tied in two long plaits, whereas my paper white pixie cut was too short to do anything with. And her bright emerald eyes were literally the other end of the spectrum to my albino pink-red ones. She was tall where I was short. But other than our difference in appearance, we were so similar we could have been twins. 

The End

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