The Dream

Rosey and David have been together since the seventh grade. There have never been two people more in love. They currently are attending Tufts University in Boston Masachusetts. David is studying to be a veterinarian and Rosey an anesthesiologist. On the eve of the ninth anniversary, they get devastating news. Their long time friend Kelli died of alcohol abuse. How will they get by?

Rosey sat at her desk in her dorm overlooking the high way. She finished typing her email to her best friend Kelli. Her celllphone vibrated against the wooden desk loudly. It was David. "Heyy!" he said. "Heyy!" "wat's up?" "Nm emailing Kelli to get her butt down here. Emerson really isn't that far away!" "Ikr! We like never see her anymore." Rosey looked at her alarm clock on the nightstand. 10:27. Her roomates wouldn't be back for another hour... "you wanna hang out?" "Umm... Sure?" she heard the door in the next room over open, close, and lock. Her door opened. "Hey gooberface!" "Hey!!!!" She pulled down on this shirt collar into a kiss. David and Rosey were more in love than ever. They had been together since the seventh grade. It was February 15, 2020. The night before their ninth annaversiary. They were extremely similar in all ways. They wanted the same things for them and their future children. The kept secrets only when it was going to be a surprise. Usually they knew though. Such as, the next day, David was going to propose. They were seniors in college, so it was okay. "How was your day?" Rosey asked as David sat down on her bed. She went and sat on his lap. She twisted around ao her legs were on the bed and her face inches from his. "Normal. Boring classes with textbooks that have information I already know." "it's just because your a genius." David kissed her on the nose. A large crash interupted their conversation. "Holy Crap!" They rushed to the window. A car had crashed into the side of their building. The driver and passengers of the car climbed out with minor injuries. "At least no one got hurt."
The End

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