The Dream

There is an interesting concept in this story. I think I wrote it to impress some girl in my class who's name was Steph but I don't think she ever saw it, and i definitely didn't have any dreams about her. : ) Enjoy

He strolled into class one chilly, bright winter's morning and something suddenly dawned in his mind. It was calling to him, informing him that something was going to happen for him but whether it would be good or bad, he didn't know yet. He just knew today was going to be different.

He didn't know what to do, he had the vision in his head, recalled everything from his dream the night before trying to think of something that would help him understand what was going on. In his dream there was a girl, so beautiful and kind. Like an angel; he felt like he had seen her before. She appeared to him in the dark and talked to him. She told him that he would fall in love with her, and that he would be happy again. It was a sign, from somewhere or something or someone, telling him things were going to get better. He did not know why he had this dream, but it must be important. His dream was real, or was it a dream? Was it in fact a prediction, a flash-forward of something amazing? Then he realised it must be true when he saw the girl from his dream sitting at a desk.

When he stepped through the weathered wooden door frame of the classroom, his heart leapt into his mouth.  She was right in front of him, just sitting there, talking. It was a perfect opportunity, all he had to do was march over there, say hi, tell her how he felt and see what will happen. How hard could it be? He pondered for a while as he mechanically sat down and got out his books while staring into nothing. It was a huge decision for him, it could all go wrong and she might think he's just a freak or a stalker or something. On the other hand, she might like him too and has been waiting for the right time to tell him and he was giving her the chance now. Questions were flooding his head like a burst dam; will it change anything for me if I tell her? What will she do when she finds out? Will she just think I'm a blithering idiot or a freak or something? The butterflies in his stomach were fluttering about so much he could almost see them trying to escape. But his wild emotions edged him on, like an angel and demon sitting on his shoulders. The angel was telling him to talk to her to find out if she likes him or not; and the demon was telling him to do it, just to see what will happen. He was desperate to find out what she thought of him, he was going to do it, he had to say something to her.

He shuffled over and crouched down on his knees next to her, quickly glanced over her amazing figure then averted his eyes and started at the dark blue, ragged carpet. "Hi"
She looked so perfect and innocent. She was a little shorter than he was and slim; Her skin was so smooth and soft, like a golden rose petal. Her hair, long, dark brown and a little wavy, fell over her face like a waterfall trickling over soft rocks. Her eyes glistened in the light above their heads. They were a most Beautiful Topaz, set in the middle of a ring of Diamond. Her lips looked so red and luscious. This was the first time he noticed these things about her. He had not even thought of her until he dreamed about her last night.

She turned to gaze at him and studied him curiously. His heart bashed against his ribs like a great caged beast, smashing itself against the bars, desperate to escape. "Hello," she answered curiously. Her friends looked over at him and eyed him with dark stares; apparently, they didn't like being interrupted. The looks from her friends stole the words from his mouth. She waited a few uncomfortable seconds for him to say something then turned back to her friends.

"Umm, you're Stephanie, right?" he asked nervously, almost stuttering and coming close to swallowing his tongue. His heart was pounding so hard he could almost hear it over the din of the class chatter.

"Yeeah... and you are Nick aren't you?" She looked at him suspiciously. It made him smile when she said his name. At least she knew him a little. But it didn't help the butterflies in his stomach. They were still happily flying around, minding their own business, making him feel absolutely petrified.

"Yeah, that's me. Umm, could I talk to you about something?" he darted his eyes from looking into her deep blue topaz eyes to glancing at her friends who were now giving him the evils. He was feeling so weird and funny inside, this was something he'd never done before and it was eating him up. His whole reputation could be destroyed with just this, if it all went wrong he would never live it down. But he had to say it. He would regret not saying it and maybe missing the opportunity to be happy again, if things went well.

"What do you want to talk about?" her voice was calm and collected, but he could tell she was feeling pretty nervous too. She started to shuffle in her seat but she never took her eyes away from his. He started to wonder why. Perhaps she liked him too and was nervous that he was now talking to her, or maybe she didn't like him and was trying to tell him to go away, he couldn't quite tell.

"It's kinda important. I, I need to tell you something. I don't know if it will mean anything to you but I want to tell you anyway. Do you mind if we talk somewhere a little more quiet?" he was almost shaking by now. His adrenalin was pumping hard like an oil field, the hammers regularly lifting up and down, pulsing blood and emotion to his senses. It felt so strange. How could one simple thing like telling a girl how he felt stir up so much in himself. He had never quite grasped how powerful love was, but now he was in love it all became clear to him and he felt it hard to control it.

"What do you want to talk to her about that we don't need to hear?" one of her friends interjected. He hated how whenever he tried to talk to a girl when she's near her friends they always make him feel really uncomfortable and try and protect her. Can't they just mind they're own business for once?

"No, it's ok. I'll be back in a minute guys." She looked away from them, turned back to him and moved her bag away from her chair. "Alright, let's go to the back where it's a little quieter." She stood up and Cale moved out of the way for her to get past. He was trying desperately not to grin. He was so relieved that he had a chance to talk to her alone. She stared at him as she walked past. It was then that he realised how beautiful she was. It was exactly like in his dream. This was the girl, this was her. It was all so strange to him and he never understood what it all meant but he knew something was going to come out of this. It was like, fate. Everything happens for a reason. Someone or something was telling him she was the one.

Stephanie sat on an empty row of desks at the back of the class and waited for Cale to sit down. "Ok, what did you want to tell me?" she sat straight and tense, as if expecting bad news or something. This was it. There was no turning back now. He opened his mouth and sighed quietly.


"This is going to sound really crazy and I can understand if you might feel a little freaked out, but just bear with me ok?"

She took a deep breath and sighed. "Alright,"

"Ok. Well, have you ever had that feeling like, there's someone that you want to love, but you don't know who they are? You haven't seen them before, you don't know what they sound like and you've never met them in your life, but you just know that when you do, you'll love them?" Cale tried to avoid her eyes but they were so beautiful he couldn't resist looking into them.

"Yeah, I do, sorta. But what's this got to do with me though? Why are you telling me this?" Steph started to sound a little scared. He didn't blame her. He was just as scared as she was. But things were going ok so far.

"I've somehow always known there was someone I would love, someone, who would mean the whole world to me and who I could care for and think about every day. But I've never known who it was. Until last night,"

"What happened last night?" she asked enquiringly. Her eyes lit up curiously like flames from a gas cooker just as the gas seeps out and ignites with the spark.

"I had a dream, about someone. It was one of those, sub-conscious dreams, where you can remember it, but you have no control of what happens in it. Like, it might tell you something you always knew but could never see because it has always been in the back of your mind. I dreamed about the girl that I would love, that I do love. I could see her as clear as day, she saw me too, she spoke to me, we talked. I can't remember what we talked about, but I knew she was the one I would love. And then, and then I came into class this morning, and I saw her from my dream. She was right in front of me the whole time but I never saw her until my mind told me to." He spoke quietly and sweetly. Steph was now staring at him, taking in his every word. It was exactly how he planned it would be.

"Oh my god. That's so freaky, but at the same time that's so amazing. So, you saw her in your dream? Just like that?" She leaned in closer to hear him better. A smile spread across her face, he thought it a little funny that she didn't realise it was her but at least she hadn't ran off or freaked out yet. Maybe it was going to work out. Maybe it was meant to be.

"Yeah. It was just a way my mind could tell me something I wanted to know. It was like, I already knew the answer to my own question, but I had been too ignorant too see it." He started smiling a little now and so did she.

"That's so weird but it's also really sweet. So, are you going to tell me who it is? Do you want me to tell her or do you want to?" He looked at her and wondered why she did not have the hint yet. Then he looked deep into her topaz eyes and she looked into his.

"Well, I already have."

She gasped a long deep breath and leaned back again. She looked at the ground and gasped again. He did not know what to do now, he had not actually thought this far ahead. She stared at him then looked away again. "Oh my god! Are you, Are you saying you love me?"

"Yes." That was all he could manage to let out of his mouth. He became completely breathless and almost choked on the air.

"Oh my god... But, you said you don't even know me, how is this possible? Are you sure it's me?" she looked as if she was going to cry but he never saw any tears.

"Yes, it was, it is, definitely you. And, I can see now, why it was you I had in my head." She put her hand to her mouth and her friends really gave him horrible looks now. He didn't care, she knew everything now. It was all up to her what would happen to him now.

"What do you mean?" she sounded a little distressed now. He knew it wasn't going very well.

"I can look at you now, and, I think you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. And I think back now, you're sweet, kind, funny, and clever. I'm sure you hear this all this time, and to you I must be just another person to tell you all this, but everything I tell you is true. Everything I tell you comes from my heart. I could only have told you this now because I never saw it until my mind showed me where to look." He still spoke softly and clearly and kept his cool. This made Steph feel a little better.

"I, I, I really don't know what to say. No-ones ever said anything like this to me before. What am I supposed to say?" she asked, stammering a little.

"Just say what you feel is true. Tell me how you really feel, no matter how bad it might sound. I'll understand. Just, say what you feel is right."

"Ok, ok, let me think about all this ok? Just, give me time. Don't get too upset. This is, crazy, but I'll think it about it ok?" she refused to look at him anymore. She was about to say something else but stopped herself and tried to control her breathing. Now Steph's friends were really giving him bad looks. Cale leaned back as she walked off back to her friends. They all crowded around her but she lied about what had been said. He admired her for that. Cale grabbed his bag and sat back down at his desk. He kept throwing quick glances at her, but whenever she looked back at him, he suddenly looked away. She seemed alright about everything, but he could tell she was thinking hard about it all. He just had to wait for her to tell him what she thinks about him, and what's going to happen now.

A few days passed and she hadn't spoken to him yet. It was very awkward. She never looked at him, never said anything, and just completely ignored him. He felt like he had blown it. It was all over, finished. Ruined. His one chance at being happy was gone like the dream from his head. When he tried to remember it, it was impossible. His mind just went blank.  He felt worse and worse as the days went on.

Until the 5th day.

"Hi." A soft, sweet voice drifted into his left ear. Cale almost jumped when Steph suddenly appeared beside him.

The bell rang at the end of school and everyone was walking out of class. Cale was last to leave. Just as he walked out of the door, he saw her waiting for him. He looked at her then quickly looked away. He started walking slowly and she stayed by his side.

"Hello." He said nervously. The butterflies in his stomach were fluttering away again. "H... How are you?" he stammered. It was a stupid thing to ask but he was trying desperately to break the awkward silence.

"I'm alright." She looked into his eyes and he stared back. "Look, I've been thinking about what you said and..."

"I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to upset you or anything, I shouldn't have said anything in the first place lets just..." as he was stammering away she just shook her head, walked towards him and put her finger over his mouth to shut him up. He stopped and continued breathing.

"It's ok. I didn't mind what you said. It was the truth wasn't it? If that's how you tell girls you love them, then you must have them tripping over themselves for you." She spoke softly and calmly and smiled a little. He gently held her hand and pulled it away from his lips and looked at the floor a little.

"Um, not really. I mean, to be honest, this has only happened once and, I haven't been with anyone for over a year." His voice was barely over a whisper. She still held his hand and they walked out into the corridor.

"Oh, well, me too. And no, no-ones ever said how beautiful I am. Thank you." She smiled more now and they both relaxed a little more.

"Really? I would've thought someone like you... never mind." he stopped speaking again; he didn't want to say too much in case it was all in vain.

"Someone like me what?" she looked at him. She was still smiling so she must have known he wanted to tell her how beautiful she was.

"Well, I would've thought, someone as... amazing as you would have tonnes of guys that like you. I mean, you know I do." Cale blushed a little and so did Steph. This was all so new to him but it was building his confidence in himself more and more.

"You're too sweet. But like I said, the guys that like me, about 99% of them simply disgust me. I'm not some slut or toy to hang off the guys arms ya know?" she said.

"Yeah, I can understand that. So, what about the other 1%?" he had just noticed they were still holding hands and she held his tighter.

"You make up that other 1%. I've never met a guy who was as sweet and kind as you. I'm sorry I was ignoring you till now, I wanted to talk to you, but I was just too shy." She explained.

"It's fine. So was I. I'm just glad I can talk to you now." He smiled at her and happiness filled him inside. It seemed like everything was going great, he loved her, she liked him, and maybe she might even love him if they got together. But he had to know if everything will change from now on. "So, I have to ask you something. I need to know this. What's going to happen now, like between us? Do you, want us to go out or what?" a huge lump in his throat formed when he tried to say the last words. She let go of his hand and stood in front of him.

"Well, I'm going to let you figure this one out for yourself." Then she held his neck and kissed him. He held her arms and embraced her. They closed eyes and just stood together, locked lips and unlocked hearts. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity. It was magic. Perfect. There was no other way to describe it. His heart was beating so hard Steph could feel it pumping in his chest. They broke off and stared into each other's eyes then hugged each other tightly. This was exactly what he wanted. His life was perfect now. He was in love.

The End

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