The Dream

A vivid dream I had many years ago...

Everything seems light. I’m sitting in the midst of grassy hills, small white butterflies flitting about the place. Small yellow dandelions grow all around the place, with a deep blue sky marked with white fluffy clouds, putting me in absolute peace. Gripping the grass between my toes, I hear a voice off in the distance, and begin to run. Coming up on the top of the first hill, I see a small, marble temple, much like the Parthenon, except this has the addition of a small tower in the center. Hearing the voice softly calling for me, I fly down the side of the hill, feeling the soft grass touch my feet with every step. As I get level with the temple, I see a girl clothed in white, silently starting at me. Coming closer, my view of her was obstructed for a split second, and the next thing I knew, she was gone. Stepping up into the temple, I see the ground is decorated much like the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel, with beautiful murals framed by white marble. Glancing up, I see the girl standing next to a staircase. I blink, and she’s gone. Pattering across the cold marble, I reach the staircase, and look downwards into a perfectly circular pit composed of marble, with a mural of a sun cast over the bottom of the pit. A staircase made of marble circled the pit to the ground, but seeing the girl at the bottom, I jumped. Falling very peacefully down, I touch down on the ground softly, and look at the girl. Wearing a white silk dress with what looked like gold woven into it; I take in her beauty, her face a soft pink, her features delicate and precise. I can see her smile to me, and sense she is about to speak to me when light started to fill the room. It began fairly weak, so I saw her lips begin to move, but it got so bright I couldn’t see a thing. It blinded me, and then, I was plunged into darkness.

The End

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