The MorningMature

Mal woke up slowly. The sunlight was shining through her window and it made her want to close her eyes, but something was tickling her nose. And there was a weight on her chest. She opened her eyes fully and glanced down. Blonde hair lay in waves over her shoulder, and she could see the curve of eye lashes, and a sweet little nose. She smelled sweet, like cinnamon and chocolate. Mal smiled and carefully stroked Aurora's hair, attempting to avoid waking her. But she stirred, and looked up with a smile. 


"Hey. Were you watching me sleep?" She scrunched her nose up and teased Mal.

"No." Mal poked her in the side. "I just woke  up."

"Sure. I believe you. Thousands wouldn't."

"Thousands aren't here."

"You're right. Just us." She bit her lip and Mal smirked, rolling her eyes. 

Aurora shifted, and placed a gentle kiss to Mal's lips. 

"Is Phillip awake?" Aurora murmured, her lips still brushing Mal's.

"Haven't heard anything."

"Good." Aurora sat up and threw her leg over Mal's hip, running her hands through her hair to get it out of her face. 

"He could wake up at any minute."

"Don't ruin it." She leant down and kissed Mal, slowly at first, but when Mal lifted her hands to grip her hips, Aurora pressed her lips firmly against Mal's and pushed for more. 

"RORA! WHERE ARE YOU?" Phillip's voice ripped through the quiet and Aurora groaned. 

"Can't catch a break."

Mal laughed and rolled Aurora off of her. 

"Come on. Let's go and make his birthday special."

They walked out of the room, Mal wrapping herself in a robe and handing Aurora her spare, and found Phillip wandering on the landing.


"I know little Prince. Happy Birthday!" Aurora grinned and hugged her little brother close. Mal smiled, watching the two giggle. Phillip looked at her and grinned. 

"Happy Birthday Phillip." Mal grinned. 


They spent the morning watching Phillip open presents and eating breakfast, in their pjs. Phillip wanted a walk, and so they went over to the park and let him play for a while, before heading back. 


The End

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