The Toasted MarshmallowMature

"I think your dog is digging a hole in your garden again." Mal smirked. 

"Damn it!" Aurora cursed and ran outside. Phillip giggled and pointed after her. 

"Yes Phillip, it's very funny until your father gets mad."

"He always angry." Phillip shrugged. 

"Does he yell at you?" Mal frowned, wondering if Aurora had lied to her. Phillip frowned and looked thoughtful. 

"Not really. He jus' yell at Rora bout me."


"Cos I not behave."

"Well maybe you could try and behave more so that he won't yell. How about that?"

"Okay." Phillip nodded. "Play now?"



When Aurora returned, Mal and Phillip were engaged in a battle to the death. She stood and watched them, chuckling, as Phillip swung his sword and Mal, well practised now, avoided it. She captured him and gave an evil chuckle as he flailed in her arms, unable to release himself. 

"Now Prince Phillip, I will toast you like a marshmallow and-" Aurora burst out laughing and Mal looked up, distracted.

"Like... a... marshmallow." Aurora laughed, doubled over. 

"Oh you think that's funny do you?" Mal grinned, releasing Phillip from her grasp, but removing his sword for her own safety. She stalked towards Aurora with it, pointing it just below her collar bone. Aurora stood up straight, still chuckling, her eyes flicking between Mal and the sword. 

"Extremely." Aurora grinned. 

"Leggo of da Princess!" Phillip cried, and flung himself at Mal's legs. Mal moved the sword quickly, to stop Aurora being impaled, and tumbled in to her. The gripped each other for support, and then on regaining their balance, both set off after Phillip. He squealed, running upstairs to be safe. Mal chuckled and dragged Aurora to her. 

"Now then, what to do with the Princess?"

Aurora chuckled breathlessly, and pressed her lips to Mal's. 

"Whatever you'd like." 

"Tempting offer."

"I can be very tempting."

"Would you and Phillip like to come over to dinner tonight?"

Aurora was momentarily startled by the sudden change in conversation, but recovered quickly. 

"Yes. I'm sure we'd love that."

"I know I'd love that." Mal pressed Aurora in to the counter with her hips, and kissed her, hard. Aurora grabbed Mal's hips, and then ran her hands up her stomach. She felt the muscles of Mal's stomach reacting to her touch and grinned against the other woman's lips. Then her fingers ghosted over Mal's breasts, and Mal jumped away quickly. 

"What?" Aurora moaned, breathlessly. 

"I... uhm..." Mal's eyes flicked to the door, to the exit, and back. "I should go and get food. And buy Phillip a present for tomorrow."

"But..." Aurora pouted. 

"I'll see you later." Mal waved and hurried out of the door. 

The End

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