The WeekendMature

"I've missed you." Aurora smiled, wrapping her arms around Mal's neck and kissing her. 

"You've seen me at work."

"I can't touch you at Uni." 

Mal chuckled and kissed Aurora's nose. 

"Well then, it's a good job I'm free on weekends. What do you want to do?" 

"I have Phillip all weekend. Stephan is going away for a conference."


"Tomorrow morning. He comes back late Sunday evening, unless he decides to stay in the city for the night."

"He seems to have that option a lot."

Aurora shrugged. 

"He has a flat there."

"Oh." Mal murmured, distracted, because Aurora had started running her fingers through Mal's hair. Her finger nails scratched against Mal's scalp, and she sucked in her breath. 

"You like that huh?" Aurora grinned, doing it again. Mal kissed her instead of answering. "Mmm you really like that."

"Shut up." Mal chuckled, and backed her up to the kitchen island. Aurora was still grinning when her back hit the surface. 

"What else do you like?"

"You." Aurora let out a laugh, but it tapered off in to a strangled moan when Mal leant down to suck on her pulse point. 

"And you say I'm insatiable." She rasped, dragging Mal's head up to kiss her lips again. 

"You are." Mal murmured against her lips. "It's rather enjoyable."

"Just enjoyable?" Aurora raised an eyebrow and grabbed a handful of Mal's shirt, pulling her in to another kiss. 

"Hmmm, maybe a little more than enjoyable." She pulled Aurora's hands from her shirt. "But still, a little too early."

Aurora pouted. 

"I thought I was supposed to be the one saying when I was ready?"

"Maybe I have to be ready too?" Mal shrugged. "It's not that I really want to wait; you make that hard enough as it is." Aurora smirked. "But I have ideals when it comes to how this should play out. And for you... you deserve this to be special."

"It would be special because it would be with you."

"You're lovely. But one hasty session because we haven't got the whole weekend is not exactly how I picture this."

"So you do... picture this?" Aurora asked. 

"All the time." Mal smiled. 

"Good." Aurora looked relieved. "I thought it might just be me."

"No." Mal shook her head and entwined her fingers with Aurora's. "No it's not just you."


"Wanna play!" Phillip's bottom lip was quivering, and Aurora shook her head, knowing it would make it worse. 

"I have cleaning to do Phillip."

"PLAY." Phillip cried. 


Phillip began to cry. 

"Wanna see Miss Mal!" He yelled. 

"Me too." Aurora sighed. "Tomorrow Phillip. I have to clean up, make your dad some food for tomorrow, and then get you to bed."

"No no no bed!" He cried again. 

"Aurora, shut him up!" Stephan's voice bellowed from the other room. He was on his third beer and Aurora bit her lip. 

"Phillip, you have to be quiet okay? You have to shush for Rora."

"NOOOOO!" Phillip cried. 

Aurora sighed and stopped washing the pots. She dried her hands and picked up the crying boy. 

"Alright, early bed time for not behaving like a Prince." 

The boy shrieked and twisted in her arms, trying to free himself. 

"I said, SHUT HIM UP!" Stephan appeared in the doorway. 

"He wants to play." Aurora explained. 

"So play with him. That's what you're here for isn't it? You think I just keep you round because you're pretty?" 

"You wanted me to have everything clean and your food packed before bed."

"Don't answer back to me. You get all of it done. No excuses."

Aurora bit her lip and Stephan sneered at her. 

"Come on Phillip." She murmured at the boy, who had stopped crying and was just sniffling. "Let's play in your room."


Aurora breathed a sigh of relief when Stephan's taxi disappeared, carrying him away early on Saturday morning. She was still in her pyjamas, and Phillip was sitting sleepily on her hip. 

"We can have a nice weekend now Phillip." She kissed his forehead. "How about pancakes for breakfast?"

"Yes peease." He grinned. 

"Shall we see if Miss Mal wants to join us?" She asked, bouncing him a little.


"Okay. I'm just going to get dressed."


"Because I'm a mess."

Phillip frowned. 

"No. Ask Miss Mal now."

"You're getting very bossy Phillip." Aurora frowned back at him. She was worried that Stephan was having a bad influence on the boy. 

"Sowwy." The boy hung his head. 

"Fine, we'll go now. I've seen her in her pjs anyway." Aurora muttered. Not technically true, she thought, but if I'd seen how she actually sleeps I doubt I'd be able to sleep at all.

She carried Phillip to Mal's doorstep and set him down. She ran her hands through her hair, trying to make it presentable, and then knocked. After a little while she knocked again. 

"Coming!" An irritable voice shouted from above their heads. Aurora giggled. Looks like they'd woken her up. A minute later Mal opened the door, her hair mussed up and wearing a floor length black, silk dressing gown. "Aurora?" Mal blinked. "Is something wrong?"

"We were wondering if you'd like to join us for breakfast. We're having pancakes."

"Celebrating something?" Mal raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe." Aurora grinned. She was very glad her step father was away, after all. Mal's eyes slipped down to take in Aurora's pyjamas. She wore baggy blue and white tartan bottoms and a strappy white top. Mal lingered on the latter and bit her lip before averting her eyes. Aurora glanced down and realised that it was a little chilly this morning. She coughed and blushed. 

"Well, I would love to join you." Mal replied. 

"YAY!" Phillip cried and grabbed Mal's hand, dragging her from the house. 

"Phillip!" Aurora cried as Mal stumbled forward. She reached out a hand to steady her, and immediately became distracted by the feel of silk over a slim waist. Mal looked down at her, a sly grin on her face. 

"Morning dear." 

"Morning." Aurora squeaked when she saw how dark Mal's eyes were. 

"Phillip, close your eyes." Mal said. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"Because if you do and don't open them until you say, I'll play with you for an extra long time today."

"Okay!" Phillip grinned and closed his eyes, throwing his chubby little fingers over them for good measure. 

"Why...?" Aurora whispered. 

"The following scenes may not be PG." Mal murmured with a chuckle as she leaned in and kissed Aurora. Aurora wrapped her arms around Mal's neck and pulled her closer, relishing the feel of the silk against her skin. Mal snaked her arms around Aurora's waist and held on to her, supporting her as she stood on her tip toes. When their lips parted Aurora held on, not wanting to let go. Mal's hands trailed up, against the soft cotton of Aurora's top and stopped just below her breasts. "Good morning, you delightful creature." She murmured against Aurora's ear and the blonde shivered in delight. 

"You look so good." She whispered back, letting her fingers trail over the black silk covering Mal's arms. 

"You look good enough to eat..." Mal replied, her thumbs trembling against Aurora's ribcage, aching to reach a little higher. 

"WANT BREAKFAST!" Phillip called, his hands still over his eyes. Mal chuckled and stepped away from Aurora, who sighed at the loss. 

"You can open your eyes now Phillip," Mal chuckled, when she had finished adjusting her robe.

"Food!" He grinned, opening his eyes and reaching up to pull at Mal again. Aurora took his other hand and they both walked him back to the other house, watching each other the whole way. 

The End

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