The KissesMature

"Have you always known you liked women?" Aurora asked. She was lying with her head in Mal's lap, looking up at the woman who was taking her hair out of her bun. 

"I suppose. I never used to think about it. It just... was. And then..." Mal stopped. She had been about to bring her mother in to the conversation, and she wasn't ready for that just yet. 

"And then?" Aurora asked. 

"It doesn't matter." Mal shook her head and stroked her fingers through Aurora's hair, enjoying how soft it was against her skin. 

"I already knew. Before you, I mean." Aurora murmured. "But I'd never liked anyone, quite like you. I mean, everyone seemed to have crushes on one celebrity or the next, but I was never bothered. But getting to know you, that made me feel. What do you think that's called?"

"Does it matter?"

"Everyone seems so concerned with labelling things nowadays."

"I'm not." Mal murmured. She smiled down at Rory, and stopped stroking her hair. "I wouldn't label my sexuality. Why should you label yours?"

Aurora sat up and turned to face Mal. 

"You're intriguing, you know that?"

Mal chuckled and kissed her. 

"I don't think I'm that interesting dear."

"I'm very interested," Aurora grinned and leant forward, pushing for another kiss. 

"You don't say." Mal smirked, and allowed the other woman to kiss her again. "I'm starting to think you're insatiable."

"Around you, yes."

"Alright, cold shower for Miss Rose." Mal chuckled, pushing the girl away gently. She pouted in response. "Don't look at me like that. It's our first date."

"I would consider it our second really. The park was rather date like."

"Hmmm, and what exactly do you consider an appropriate number of dates before things get a little more, heated?"

"I don't know. Whenever it feels right I suppose." Aurora shrugged. 

"And you really think you feel right now?"

"I don't know."

"When you feel right, you'll know." Mal stroked her hand through Rory's hair again. "You'll know." 

"Okay." Aurora bit her lip. A splash of water hit her cheek, and then another hit Mal's forehead. They glanced up and saw dark clouds. Seconds later, the rain began. Shrieking, Aurora grabbed as much as she could carry and bolted for the house. Mal laughed and gathered the other things, putting them on the decking where it was covered. 

"Get inside!" Aurora squeaked. Mal grinned and turned, arms outstretched, looking up at the sky. "Mal get inside!"

Chuckling, the older woman headed in, offering to hug Aurora in the process. 

"No!" She squealed, dodging the brunette's open arms. 

"Scared of a little water." Mal chuckled, pulling off her sodden long, thin cardigan. She ran her hands through her damp hair, and grinned at Aurora. The blonde was staring at her, her cheeks slightly pink. "What?" Rory bit her lip. 

"Nothing. You just... you look good." 

It was Mal's turn to blush. 

"Such a flirt." 

Aurora stepped forward and ran her hands over Mal's bare arms, and then up and through her hair. Mal stopped breathing for a moment, and steadied herself by placing her hands on Aurora's hips. 

"I don't know how I'm going to concentrate on Monday now." She murmured, kissing Mal's jaw, like she had kissed Aurora's earlier. Mal inhaled sharply, and leaned down to capture Aurora's lips with hers. 

"We'll both have to try."

"We could just... call in sick?"

"No... besides, both of us would look suspicious."

"Shame." Aurora leaned in again so her lips brushed against Mal's. "I don't want to share you." 

Mal snorted and kissed her lightly. 

"The me at work is different from the me here darling. You're not sharing this me."

"Good. I feel like I could be very jealous if I wanted to be."

"Well, try to contain yourself." Mal laughed, releasing Aurora and stepping away. "Would you like to watch a film?"

"Yes, please." Aurora smiled, and they spent the next hour and a half curled up together on the sofa, with Aurora's head resting on Mal's chest. Mal was worried about how they would cope the next day, knowing their secret and being unable to even look at each other differently. But when Aurora left in the evening, leaving behind a trail of kisses against Mal's lips and cheek, she knew that it was worth the risk. 

The End

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