The DateMature

"I'm sorry, what?" Mal asked, staring at Aurora. 

"I wondered if you'd like to go on a date." She repeated, smiling at the older woman, whose hair was messy and was wearing a black tank top and shorts. They had caught Aurora's eye as soon as Mal had opened the door, and the smirk had barely removed itself since. Mal found it amusing that Aurora didn't know she'd put these on so that she'd be decent; usually she went to bed naked. 

"And where would we go on this date?"

"I don't know. A restaurant? The cinema?"

"And what if we ran in to someone we knew there?" Mal asked, her voice tinged with sadness. She had known this was going to be difficult. 

"Alright then. A picnic, here. In your back garden."

Mal smiled. 


"Great." Aurora grinned. "Stephan's sister is coming over to take Phillip for a day in the city, and Stephan has some 'meetings'."

"'Meetings'?" Mal frowned. 

"It means he's going to see friends and probably stay out late getting drunk."

"Will you be okay... tonight?" Mal frowned. 

"If he makes it home, which most of the time he doesn't, he'll crash on the sofa because he can't make it up the stairs drunk."

Mal nodded. 

"Well then. I'll see you around midday. I'd better get some food in."

"Better get dressed properly then." Aurora raked her eyes over Mal's legs again. 

"Why Miss Rose, would you get jealous if anyone saw me like this?" Mal teased, biting her lip to distract the girl. 

"In your pjs with bed hair that looks like sex hair? Yes." Aurora replied. She stepped forward and rested her hands on Mal's hips, her thumbs skimming the exposed skin where her hip bone stood out. Mal grinned and leaned forward to murmur in Aurora's ear. 

"These aren't my pyjamas dear. I wear significantly less clothes in bed." She felt Aurora's breath catch and pulled away, grinning. "Now go, so I can make myself presentable."

"You're very flirty in the mornings." Aurora muttered. 

"Maybe I just had sweet dreams." Mal grinned.


"How the tables have turned." Mal laughed, and then gave Aurora a peck on the cheek. "Go."

"Kiss me properly." Aurora raised her eyebrow as a challenge. 

"That could make it very hard for you to leave. Or me to let you." 

"Do it anyway."

"Later." Mal hummed. 

"Tease." Aurora repeated, grinning. 

"It's payback." Mal replied, before blowing a kiss at her and closing the door. She chuckled quietly and went to get ready. 


"Mal?" Aurora called, appearing around the side of the house. Mal was sitting on the swing seat, reading. 

"Here." She murmured, putting down the book. 

Aurora grinned and went to her, sitting next to her. She had her hair up in a messy bun and Mal smirked; the rules had been completely abandoned and Aurora was using them to her advantage. 

"So, what are we eating?" 

"Whatever you want. I bought plenty; I had to do my shop anyway."

"Well then, I suppose we'd better go and have a look." 

"Lead the way." Mal grinned. 

They went in to the house and Aurora pulled out cheese, crusty bread, apples, strawberries and grapes. Mal grabbed glasses and orange juice, cutlery, plates and a blanket. 

"So, what's your favourite colour?" Aurora asked. Mal gave her a look. "What? I've not been on many dates."

"That's not what the look was for, but now I'm surprised." Mal said. "How can you, gorgeous and lovely as you are, not have been on many dates?"

"I never really had the time, and there was never anyone I wanted..." She cast a look at Mal. 

"I'm flattered." Mal smirked. Aurora rolled her eyes. 

"So, favourite colour?"

"Once again dear, obvious answer really."



"Okay, stupid question."

"Perhaps. What is yours?" Please don't say pink, Mal begged internally. 

"Blue. Favourite book?"

"Can't choose."

"Me neither." Aurora grinned. "Erm..."

"Favourite memory?" Mal asked. 

"Apart from yesterday?" Aurora smirked. Mal chuckled and popped a grape in to her mouth, nodding. "The day Phillip said his first word."

"What was it?" Mal asked. 

"Rora." The blonde smiled and ducked her head. Mal reached over and hooked a finger around Aurora's chin, lifting her head so she was looking at her. 

"You are so sweet." Mal murmured, leaning in and kissing her gently. Aurora trembled slightly and leaned closer, picking up the pace of the kiss. Mal pulled away softly, smoothing her thumb over Rory's cheek. 

"What's yours?" The blonde murmured against Mal's lips, their noses brushing and another kiss just waiting to be taken, or given. 

"My what?"

"Favourite memory."  She chuckled, her tongue slipping out to wet her lips. Mal found herself watching, fascinated. 

"Besides yesterday?" She repeated the girl's words with a soft laugh. "Probably the day I realised Diaval was my friend, unconditionally." 

"You two are very close." Aurora hummed. "Are you going to tell him?" 

"Tell him what?"

"About us?" 

Mal pulled away and looked down at the food, unsure. 

"I don't know. One minute he's warning me off, the next he wants me to talk to you."

"So he knew that... that you liked me?"

"He's irritatingly intuitive." 

"Well, whatever you choose to do, I'm okay with it." Aurora said, putting a comforting hand on Mal's arm. 

"Let's change the subject." Mal took Aurora's hand and squeezed it. "Favourite holiday?"

"Christmas." Aurora smiled. "You?"


"That's not far away."

"I know. I'm counting down."

"What do you do for Halloween?"

"Usually have a giant party, or go out. Di wants me to have a party here, and then get everyone to head in to the city afterwards."

"Sounds like fun." 

"You can come, if you'd like?" Mal asked, warily. 

"I'd love to. I have Phillip though..."

"Well come to the house party and then you can still have fun."

"Alright." Aurora grinned. 

"Excellent. Now, come on, eat." 

They sat and talked while they ate, laughing and enjoying themselves. 

"I feel fat now." Aurora laughed. 

"Never. You're tiny." Mal rolled her eyes from where she lay, looking up at the sky. 

"I know. I'm not really bothered, even if I do get bigger. I just feel very full."

"It's a good job I don't have any of your cake left." Mal chuckled. 

"All gone?"

"I couldn't stop eating it." 

"That's because I'm an excellent baker."

"That I can't deny." Aurora giggled and appeared over Mal, grinning down at her. "What are you doing?"

"Don't know what you're talking about."

"You've got that look on your face that means you're up to something."

"Nope." Aurora replied innocently, and threw her leg over Mal's hips, effectively straddling her. Mal sat up, rolling her eyes. 

"You're not very good at lying." She gripped Aurora's hips, enjoying the feel of the girl half wrapped around her. 

"Maybe I'm better at kissing."

Aurora leaned in and kissed Mal gently on the edge of her lips. She wetted the corner with her tongue and then moved to kiss her fully. Mal met her lips, delighted. Aurora's fingers scraped through Mal's hair, sending a shudder through the older woman. Mal went to do the same to Aurora, and then remembered she had her hair tied up. Groaning, she pulled away, and kissed the blonde's jaw instead. Aurora chuckled, and Mal kissed her throat, feeling the vibrations still as Aurora sucked in a breath. She kissed up Aurora's neck to just below her ear, and then took her lobe between her teeth and sucked. Aurora's hips bucked forward and Mal let go with a gasp. Too soon to be getting this hot under the collar. 

"Do that again..." Aurora murmured, pulling on Mal's hair to drag her back to her neck. 

"No darling." Mal murmured, kissing her briefly on the jaw before bringing her head back down to face her. "We're moving too fast."

Aurora pouted, and kissed her on the lips. 

"I was quite happy."

"I'll bet, you little beastie." Mal chuckled, helping Aurora off of her. "But we should take this slow."

"Fine." Aurora rolled her eyes. "But don't do that again unless you mean to finish what you've started."

"I shall try to restrain myself." Mal chuckled, leaning back and propping herself up on her elbows.

The End

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