The SongMature

Mal stood in the corner of the room, as far away from the stage and her friends as possible. Aurora was on stage, crooning away, and Mal was cursing Di for not wanting to leave just yet. 

She had chosen Nina's Simone's 'Do I Move You' and Mal was reminded of the night that Aurora had come over and 'I Put A Spell On You' had been playing. Aurora swayed as she sang, and her voice was even more incredible than Mal had thought it would be. Wolf whistles filled the instrumentals, and everyone was transfixed. Not that Mal noticed anyone else; she was too busy being transfixed herself. 

"Fuck," She murmured when Aurora finished and the crowd burst in to applause. Aurora giggled and did a quick bow, and then hurried back to the bar. Mal took a deep breath and returned to her friends. 

"Hey, how amazing was Rory?" Di said as soon as he saw her. 


"So you know her?" Helena asked. 

"Oh yeah. She's next door neighbours with Mal and-"

"We get along very well." Mal interrupted. She didn't want Di telling Helena about Aurora being a student. She didn't know how much she'd guessed from their little encounter. 

"That explains it." Helena grinned. 

"Explains what?" Di frowned. 

"Helena met Aurora outside." Mal said, and then gave him a look.

"Ah." He glanced at Savannah who was chatting to Bella. "Helena's still Helena then?"

"Guess so."

"Hey, you guys need another round?" Aurora appeared, notebook at the ready. 

"Aurora, you were amazing!" Di crowed. "Well done."

"Incredible." Mal repeated. 

"Thanks." Aurora blushed. "So, happy birthday Di. And do you want another round or...?"

"I think we'd better go and take  the clubs by storm." Di grinned. "Thanks though Rory."

"No problem." She smiled, looking slightly disappointed. "Have a great evening."

"Hey, when do you finish?" Helena called. "You could join us?"

"Oh, no. I finish in two hours and then I've got to go home."

"How're you getting back?" Bella asked. 

"I've got my car." Aurora said. "Why, do you need a lift?"

"Oh no, I'm staying at Di's." She blushed. 

"I could do with one?" Savannah admitted. "If you're asking."

"You could stay in my hotel room if you'd like?" Helena grinned. 

The two looked at each  other for a moment. 

"I don't need a lift, sorry Rory." Savannah decided. 

"What about you Mal?" Bella said. "Or are you at Di's too?"

"I was but now I'm thinking I won't want to be." Mal chuckled. Bella and Di blushed. 

"I can give you a lift?" Aurora offered. She looked a little nervous. 

"I wouldn't want to put you out." Mal said. 

"It's no trouble, really."

"Go on Mal, I'll bring you your things tomorrow when I bring Bella home." Di muttered to her. She glanced at him and took the hint. Alone time needed. Got it. 

"That would be lovely, thank you Aurora."

"Great. I finish at three so, meet me here?"



By the time Mal left everyone to go back to the bar and meet Aurora, Savannah and Helena were making out, Bella and Di clearly wanted to go back to Di's  place, and the others were all exhausted.

Mal waited outside the bar, seeing the staff trailing off. When Aurora appeared, she looked around and grinned when she saw Mal. 

"Hey, how was the night?"

"Good. My feet are killing me but my horns are still in tact."

"They might not fit in the car." Aurora laughed. 

"Guess I'll have to take them off then." Mal sighed, smirking. 

"Maybe you should wear them to work? Terrify everyone."

"They wouldn't be terrified, they'd laugh."

"Maybe." Aurora smiled. "So, did you like karaoke?"

"Yes." Mal glanced at the blonde as they reached the car. She slipped her horns from her head as Aurora unlocked it and they both slid inside. "You were fantastic."

"Good song choice?" Aurora asked, raising an eyebrow. 

"You already know I like Nina Simone."

"Yes." Aurora admitted. "But you definitely have more restraint than you thought."

"Surprisingly, a room full of rowdy, drunk people poses a rather fantastic barrier." Mal smirked as Aurora started the car and pulled out of the bay. 

"Probably for the best. It's not like there are many really clean places in there."

"Which is a problem because...?"

"Well I chose the song before our restraint conversation and I was rather hoping for a very unrestrained reaction."

Mal stared silently in front of her as they drove for a few minutes before she replied, with as much restraint as she could muster. 

"But then we had the conversation."

"Yes. So I get it now. No work clothes, no hair up, no problem."

"And I suppose the same applies to me."



"That's not really helping much now though is it?" Aurora said, glancing over at Mal and her outfit. 

"Eyes on the road Miss Rose." Mal said in a soft but stern tone. 

"Okay, that too."


"Miss Rose."

"That's banned?"

"Outside of school, yes. I can deal with it there, but outside it's..."

"Same goes for Professor then." Mal smirked. "And I know you've been doing that on purpose so don't act surprised."

"Wouldn't dream of it. The word just rolls off the tongue."


Aurora had driven them out of the city, and Mal could see they were getting close to their street. 

"So that's settled?" Aurora asked. 




"I still want to kiss you."

"I know." Mal sighed. 

They spent the rest of the journey in silence and when Aurora pulled in to her drive, Mal got out quickly.

"Thank you for the lift." She murmured. 

"Don't forget your horns." Aurora chuckled lightly. 

"How could I forget?" Mal laughed. She perched them back on her head. "See, they're basically part of me."

"They do suit you." Aurora smiled. "Sweet dreams."

"You too."

"Not after you've mentioned the biting thing." She winked. Mal blushed. 

"Sorry again."

"No. Really. It'll tide me through all of the rules." She laughed. 

Mal rolled her eyes. 

"Goodnight, Aurora."

"Goodnight Mal."

The End

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