The KaraokeMature

"Mal, oh my god! How are you still so fucking hot?"

"Hey Helena, you don't look so bad yourself!" 

Helena, tall, red haired and in a black devil's horn and tail over her fitted jumpsuit, threw her arms around Mal. 

"Fuck, how did I not convince you to get with me in Uni?" She laughed as Mal let her go. 

"Because you were always sleeping with anyone you could get your hands on and I didn't want to ruin our friendship?"

"Oh yeah." Helena giggled. "Where's the birthday boy?"

"Here!" Di appeared, wearing his wings, which were attached to his arms like sleeves. 

"Happy Birthday!" Helena pounced on him, leaving Mal to close the door. 

Everyone else had already arrived, and were sitting around drinking. Bella had the space next to her for Diaval, and had done surprisingly well with the costume. She was wearing a red fitted dress and had a pair of little horns on her head. 

"And who is this delightful creature?" Helena asked, peering at Bella, and then at Savannah. "Or should I say creatures?" Savannah was wearing black skinny jeans and a black tank top. No costume, but she fit in so well no one had noticed. 

"Savannah." Di pointed. "And Bella, who is off limits you harpy."

"Shame. What about you gorgeous?" Helena winked at Savannah. "You'll dance with me right?"

"Savannah's  in the army." Di put in before she could answer. 

"Mmm, even better." Helena winked and went to the kitchen to grab a drink. 

"She's... well she's a little unexplainable. Sorry." Mal shrugged at Savannah.

"I don't mind." Savannah grinned. Mal laughed. 

"So where are we going?" Bella asked. 

"Karaoke and then clubs." Di announced. "And everyone has to sing."

"I don't sing." Savannah said. 

"Tonight you do gorgeous." Helena said, sitting on the arm next to Savannah. "We can duet if you'd like."

"Christ Helena, give her a second to catch her breath."

"Where's the fun in that? People can't resist me. Unless you're Mal of course." Helena winked. 

"I had to let you know you weren't the ultimate. Your head would've been too big to get out of the dorm if not."

"Shut up. I see you're horny again." Helena winked. Mal grinned and stroked the curling horns on her head. They had been a big hit at University. She had paired them with leather look skinny trousers and a black fitted waistcoat. 

"You'd be disappointed if I wasn't." 

Bella was blushing slightly next to Diaval, who kissed her cheek gently and laughed. 

"Shall we go?" Mal asked, looking at the clock  and seeing it was late. 

"Yes. Party time." Diaval grinned, offering Bella his arm. "Let's sing!"


"Di, I'm going to kill you."

"What? Come on, I thought you two were cool? And besides, it's the only place doing karaoke tonight."

"In the whole city? Really?" Mal glared. 

"No but I didn't want to go the other side just to have to come back to party."

"Ugh, fine." Mal groaned, looking at the door to the bar Aurora worked in, nervously. She hadn't told Di about everything that had happened recently, because she didn't want him to know that she had almost given in. That they'd kissed. That Aurora had been hurt... any of that. She followed everyone in, hoping that the girl wouldn't be working. 

"Okay, whoever is on the mike needs to shut up." Di laughed, as soon as they entered. A middle aged man, apparently part of a stag do, was yelling 'Carry on my wayward son' in to the mike and ruining it. 

"The risk of karaoke." Helena yelled. "Come on, I spot a table."

She led them to the same table Di and Mal had sat in when they had come before; a booth around a round table. 

"Start writing down what you want to sing!" Helena cried, grabbing pieces of paper that had been laid out for that purpose. 

"Why don't we choose what other people should sing?" Di suggested. 

"I love it. Pick a good one for me and Miss Army over here." Helena winked at Savannah who seemed to have adjusted to Helena's flirting easily. 

"I'll pick yours Mal." Bella smiled. Mal agreed, although she was worried she'd end up with a cutesy song she didn't know.

"Mal, you going to get the first round?" Di asked. 

"Sure, just because it's your birthday." She rolled her eyes. Getting up and going to the bar with everyone's orders she was too busy shaking her head at the idiot on the mike to notice the person at the bar. 

"Nice horns."

"Thanks." She replied and then looked and realised it was Aurora. The girl had her hair twisted in to a bun and a sheer black top on. She was wearing red lipstick again. "Oh... hi."

"Hey. So what's the occasion?" Aurora asked, eyeing the group. 

"Di's birthday."

"Should've guessed." Aurora laughed. "So what do you want?"

Mal told Aurora the list, keeping her eyes on her face because she was sure she could see the outline of her bra underneath that shirt. She caught Aurora glancing at her waistcoat every so often as the woman put the order through the till. She glanced down and supposed it was a little low cut, with nothing underneath. Not something she'd wear to school without a shirt. 

"Well I hope you have a good evening." Aurora grinned.

"I'm sure I will."

"I'll bring your drinks over."

"Thanks." Mal started to go back to her seat when Aurora called her back. "Did I forget something?"

"No." Aurora grinned. "But I just wanted you to know, you look fucking amazing." The way she out emphasis on fucking amazing, made the hairs stand on Mal's arms. Before she could answer Aurora had turned away and began getting their drinks together. Mal bit her lip and went back to the table. 

"Took your time." Di said, "We've put the songs in."

"Great." Mal breezed. "What am I singing?"

"Oh it's a surprise." He winked. 

"Di... you better not have given me some cheesy pop thing."

"Hey, Bella picked it."

"Don't worry, Mal, he's just teasing. You'll like it."

The End

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