The StruggleMature

Mal stared at Aurora who was biting her lip. 

"You have?"


Everything about Mal made her want to pull Aurora in to another kiss, 

"I can't Aurora. You're... even if you have wanted to kiss me for a long time, you're still my student."

"If you don't feel the same you should just say that you know," Aurora said, disappointment etched on her face as she pulled away. "Don't leave me with hope."

"I-" The best thing to do would be to say that she didn't have feelings. "I'm your teacher."

Aurora glanced at her, brow raised. 

"But you feel something?"Mal sighed and buried her head in her hands. "Who'd have thought. Maybe David's not as stupid as I thought." Aurora chuckled lightly and Mal laughed, despite herself. 

"No, maybe he's not."

"I want to kiss you again." Aurora admitted, biting her lip. 

"Aurora...." Mal warned, standing up and moving away from the sofa. She knew it would be best to keep some distance, especially when she felt like this. She glanced at the blonde and focussed on her bruise. "We need to talk about Stephan."

"Well, that's one way to kill the mood." Aurora frowned. Mal laughed again and shook her head. 

"Damn it Aurora, I'm trying to make this easier."

"Okay okay." Aurora smirked, and picked up the, now not so frozen, ice bundle. She made her way to the sink and poured away the ice bits and water. "But you still can't tell anyone."

"I can't bear to think of you living with someone who can do that to you."

"You're going to have to. I'll be okay. I promise." Aurora put a comforting hand on Mal's arm, who felt the tingling again and moved swiftly away. "What, I can't even touch you now?"

"I'm trying to focus on self restraint."

"That bad?" Aurora grinned. 

"You're doing it on purpose aren't you?" Mal glared, half joking. 

"Yes." Aurora bit her lip again and leant on the kitchen island. "But it's no picnic for me either."

"I don't want you to go back there tonight."

"So I could stay here?" Rory winked. 

"You can't do that either." Mal took a deep breath to steady herself. She'd been caught off guard, and Aurora was pulling a full seductress on her. This had to stop. Now. Before she dragged the girl to her and never let her go. 

"I'll have to go back then." Aurora shrugged. "I can handle myself. He'll be asleep now anyway."


"I'll be fine Mal. Don't worry so much." She headed towards the door and then glanced back. "No kiss goodnight?"

"Aurora!" Mal growled, clenching her teeth together. 

"See you tomorrow then, Professor Moore." With that, she left, and Mal let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. 

"Damn it Mal, you're in so much trouble," she hissed to herself. 


Aurora had been acting normally all day. The bruise was well hidden by makeup, and Mal hadn't heard anyone asking about it. Aurora hadn't even bitten her lip for the entire class, and Mal was half impressed, half disappointed. She knew she should be glad that last night seemed to be the end of it, but there was some part of her that still wanted more. She found herself staring at Aurora from across the room while the groups had discussions. Once, Aurora had looked up, but she'd merely smiled and went back to talking. By the end of the seminar Mal was feeling even more conflicted than before. 

Aurora left with her friends, and Mal went to the cafe on campus. She needed coffee, fast. As she walked away with a steaming, hot cup, Di appeared. 

"So, I figure this weekend we have to party."

"Why?" Mal frowned. 

"Mal... you realise it's my birthday right?"

"Oh my goodness, really?" Mal gasped dramatically. "What a horrible friend, I'd completely forgotten!"

"Liar. Okay so you can stay at mine. We're going to karaoke and then we're going to go clubbing until the sun rises. I've got some of the guys from Uni coming."


"Kate, Helena, Steve, Guy, Richard..."

"Okay. Sounds fun."

"Great. The theme is sexy as hell. Should be easy for you. Hell is on your side." He winked. 

"Yup." Mal drank some of her coffee. Maybe hell was beginning to turn on her. 

"Okay, what's up with you?"

"I just... I had a bit of a bad weekend."

"What happened?"

"Everything hit me, from last week I guess." She shrugged. 

"That's not like you."

"I know. I guess I wasn't really over it. But I'm fine now."

"You've got to be better than fine for my birthday."

"Don't worry. The Mistress of All Evil will be out in full force."

"Good. I'm breaking out my wings."


"Yeah. Helena's coming as the devil. I told you, sexy as hell!" 

"Ah so it's an actual theme rather than me just being... sexy."

"Yes. Wear those horns. I swear they were the best part about Halloween at Uni."

"No, that was me." Mal smirked. "Okay, you're on."

"Great. Later; I've got a class to teach."


The End

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