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"You look like you need a drink." Diaval said, greeting Mal at the end of the day.

"I feel like that is a very good idea." She said, swinging her bag on to her shoulder. "Unfortunately the amount I want to drink would stop me from driving back at the end of the night."

"So stay at mine. You know you're welcome. Besides we need to celebrate your first day. And if you're at mine you get to have a lie in."

"I have nothing for tomorrow."

"So go home and get something."


"Come on. You know this is a good plan."

"Well the term good could be used loosely, but fine. I'll enjoy it I'm sure."

"Great. Mine at 8? I'll order pizza and we can get all dressed up."

"Really? Dressed up?"

"I don't mean fancy idiot. Just sexy."

"Ugh, I'm going to regret this." 


Mal arrived at Diaval's with time to spare. She jumped in the lift and made her way up to his apartment. She knocked loudly on the door. 

"Thank god, I was just about to call you. Pizza came early." Diaval said as he opened the door. 

"Well hello to you too."

"Cheese beats welcome."

"Hmmm." She settled next to him on the sofa and put her bag on the floor, pulling the pizza towards her. 

"So. How'd it go? With Aurora?" He asked after a couple of slices. 

"Fine. She's..." Mal paused. "She's not mad at me. And once the shock had worn off all she really wanted to know was if we could still be friends."

"Well that was sweet of her."

"Yes." Mal said. 

There was a long pause. 

"Oh come on!" Di complained. 

"What?" Mal stared at him, confused. 

"You're telling me that was it? She just asked about being friends?"



"Jeez. Well that's boring. I felt for sure she'd be all over you in your Evil Queen garb."

"Di, have you ever noticed that you're still alive, despite how many times you've said things that would cause me to kill other people? That could change." 

"You'd miss me too much."

Mal tried to glare at him but had to give in eventually. Her best friend knew her too well.

"Go and get ready then." Di said, as he pushed the empty pizza box in the the bin. "We can head out and have a few drinks."

"A few?" Mal smirks, and Diaval laughs. 

"As many as we like!"

"Better." She replied. 

Mal appeared downstairs in leather look skinnies and a loose black top with dark liner around her eyes. 

"Well hell Mal, you look hot."

"You sound surprised." She smirked. "But you always say that."

"Well it's always true."

"Thank you dear. Shall we get going?"

"After you." Diaval mock bowed and Mal shoved him playfully. They made their way out of the apartment and in to the streets.

"Where are we going anyway?"

"No idea. We wander until we see something we like, how about that?"

"Sounds spontaneous." Mal commented dryly. 

"Shut up, it'll be fun."

They walked for ten minutes until Mal told Diaval that if there wasn't a drink in her hand soon she was going home. Diaval found the nearest bar and dragged her inside. 

"Well, this is nice." He chuckled in to her ear. The bar was dark and filled with writhing bodies and pounding music. It was more like a mini club. 

"Reminds me of when we were young enough to be in places like this." Mal snorted. 

"Shut up. This is going to be brilliant."

Diaval steered her to a booth and sat her down so she could see the dancing crowd and jumped in to the seat opposite her. 

"I can't believe this." She yelled across to him.

"Hey, maybe you won't be crashing at mine tonight?" He winked. "Everyone seems pretty... happy."

"Shut up Di." She grinned and shook her head. He laughed and then suddenly noticed something over her shoulder. "What's up?"

"You are not going to believe who's here."

"Who?" Mal glanced over her shoulder. "Fuck." 


Mal put her face on her clenched fist on the table. 


"She's coming over."


"Mal I think she works here."


"Hi can I... oh hey Diaval... Mal?"

Mal sat up slowly and looked at Aurora. She was wearing jeans for once, not a summer dress, and they clung to her like they were made for her. She had a black tank top on and a tray in her hand. Her hair had been scraped in to a messy bun and her eyes were surrounded by dark eye liner. 

"Hi." Mal managed. 

"Hey." She grinned and bit her lip. "You want a drink?"

"Well I would love a drink." Diaval said. Aurora looked at him quickly and Mal took the opportunity to take a deep breath. Fuck fuck fuck. Sweet Aurora did not look sweet tonight. She looked..."A beer for Mal and a whiskey for me."

"Sure. It's not the good stuff though." She warned. 

"I can't afford the good stuff anyway." Di grinned. "You sure you want a beer Mal?" Aurora looked back to Mal who had managed to collect herself. 

"Just because you hate it doesn't mean I'm going to stop drinking it." She turned to Aurora. "Beer is fine thank you."

"Coming right up." Aurora turned away and sauntered over to the bar. Mal could have sworn she didn't usually walk like that. The girl was wearing wedged black boots on her feet and the extra swing in her hips was-

"Earth to Mal. She's your student."

"Huh? Um, yeah." Mal shook her head and returned to facing Di. "I blame you."


"You're the one who said we kept staring at each other."

"You did. But it kind of has to stop now."

"I know. But..."

"Yeah I know Mal. She's hot." Mal glared at him and he raised his arms in surrender. "Hey I'm not looking. I'm just saying what you're thinking."

"I was thinking that we get on and can talk and she's not scared of me and-"

"Woah okay okay. I get it. She's coming back." 

Mal stopped talking and waited until her beer was popped down in front of her. 

"Mal, I mean, Professor Moore." She saw the girl smirk and chuckled darkly. 

"Thank you Miss Rose."

Aurora grinned and gave Diaval his drink. He gave her a note and she reached in to the bag on her waist for change. 

"Keep it Aurora." He smiled. 

"You sure? Thanks." Aurora smiled. 

"Sure. Got to help you through your  education haven't I?"

Aurora glanced at Mal with a small frown. Mal pointed at Diaval with her beer.

"He's a lecturer too. Next door to me." She shrugged. Aurora laughed. 

"Small world."

"Such a shame." Diaval laughed. "I would've liked to hang out with you. Drink a bit, party."

"Well keep coming here and that's basically in my job description." Aurora smirked. 

"We still can't buy you a drink." Mal smirked back. Aurora shrugged, picked up Mal's beer, raised her eyebrow and took a swig. 

"Shame." She grinned, and put the beer back down before she marched off to serve other people. Mal stared after her, impressed. 

"You're screwed." Di chuckled. 

"You think?"

The End

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