The DreamMature

Random little dream and awakening scene that popped in to my head.
Now continued as a story.

Mal could feel the darkness around her, thick and heavy with her ragged breathing. Those sharp inhales of air were the only noise besides  the occasional gust of wind and responding branches against her bedroom window. She tried to fight the urge to open her eyes, to trail her fingers over the empty space beside her, but her body acted of its own accord. As it had in the dream she had just awakened from. 

"I just wanted to check you were okay. You seemed stressed today." Kind blue eyes stared at her from underneath waves of blonde hair, bright as sunlight. 

"I-I'm fine. Thank you. But... you shouldn't..."

"Be here? I know. Makes it all the more fun doesn't it?" A mischievous twinkle appeared amongst those blue pools that stared at her, full of intrigue. 

"I can't..." A hint of desperation in her voice that caused the blue eyes to falter, and the smile droop a little.

"I don't... I didn't mean anything by it. I just... I wanted to know and I couldn't bear the thought of waiting until tomorrow to find out... if you were alright."

"You're sweet." The words had escaped her mouth before she could stop them, and the smile returned in full force. A faint blush spread across the blonde's cheeks, and Mal knew she was lost. "They're just boys. What they say doesn't matter to me." A lie. The chants had stayed in her head the rest of the day. 

"They don't know what they're talking about. They're idiots, stuck in the middle ages with preconceived notions and stereotypes." The blush was back, and the blondes hair suddenly fell to hide most of an embarrassed face. "I mean, a woman wears trousers and isn't married and suddenly..." The voice trailed up and the blue eyes were looking anywhere but at her. 

"And that's it? Trousers and my lack of wedding ring?" Mal smirked, feeling a sudden ease flow over her. 

"Well, you do have a certain... air about  you."

"Ah. My air." Mal was teasing now and the cheeks were more flushed than before. But the eyes had returned to her face and were narrowed playfully. 

"Are you mocking me?"

"Now why on earth would I be doing that?" 

The blonde stared at her, mouth open slightly, delighted at the turn in conversation. 

"Well," The blonde said, pretending to be insulted in a highly dramatic way, "I didn't come here to stand at your door and be teased." She tossed her hair, biting her lip to hold back a giggle and Mal's breathing hitched. Those teeth biting in to that lip. 

"So come in then." She could hardly believe those words had fallen from her lips. The blonde had paused, lip released in surprise from those teeth, and Mal could feel her head spinning in an effort to come up with an excuse to withdraw her offer. How embarrassing; the poor blonde would be scared and go running off to her friends-


"What?" Mal's thoughts stopped and her hands shook. 

"Okay. " The smile was back, more nervous this time, and suddenly she was slipping past Mal and in to her home. Mal couldn't help but inhale as skin brushed skin, and she knew she had to get out. This had gone too far and after today...

"I didn't... I mean..." She paused, watching the young woman making her way over the smooth wood floor. She was looking around her, seemingly delighted by what she saw. 

"Your place is beautiful. I didn't notice before."

"T-Thank you."

"You sound nervous." Blue eyes returned to her, that mischievous twinkle back in them. "Don't you have too many guests?"

"It's just... after today..." God what was wrong with her? Couldn't she put a sentence together? The blue eyes were watching her carefully, and with pity. 

"You know, you could just tell them you're not... bring in an old boyfriend or something. Di? Show and tell." She was teasing, trying to make Mal smile. But she couldn't. 


"Or you know, go on a date where one of them work? That way they'd know-"

"Know what?"

"That they're wrong." She smiled. "They can't just stereotype everyone in to little boxes and-"

"What if they're not?"

"Not stereotyping?" Blonde brows furrowed in confusion. 

"Not wrong." 

"Oh." Lips open in surprise, those blue eyes trailed over Mal's face and work clothes. "I see."

"It's okay, you can go. I'm used to it and it's not like verbal proof will change what they've already said." Mal said, turning back to the door to allow the blonde an exit. "They already got it from the stereotypes." She allowed herself a small, sad chuckle. 

"I... I don't want to go." She turned back to blue eyes staring at her carefully. "I won't say anything to them. Why would I? They're not my friends."


"And I won't tell my friends either. They'd understand, but I won't tell them. I know how important it is to have a sense of privacy when it comes to..."

"...being outed?" Mal finished, a smirk on her face. "One of your friends confided in you or something?"

"No... no they're not gay." She was stepping closer, and Mal found that leaning against the door gave her no escape from those understanding blue eyes. Her breathing felt heavier, and then there was only an inch or two between them. 

"What are you..."

"They aren't... but I am." Soft fingers on Mal's cheek, stroking over the high cheekbones with care. 


"I'm not one for fitting a stereotype." The blonde smiled, glancing down at her bright summer dress. When her eyes returned to Mal's face the woman gasped a little. "Kiss me."

"What...? No, I-"

"Please. I've wanted to ever since you came here. You're so beautiful." 

Mal couldn't move, and as the first ghosting touch of soft lips met hers, all she could do was let her eyes flutter shut. The lips moved a little harder, pushing against hers and Mal felt herself respond, kissing back and letting her long fingers slide around a slim waist, pulling her closer. 

"You smell so good." The blonde gasped when they broke apart, trailing her fingers through Mal's hair. Mal sighed a little, and dragged the blonde back to her lips. 

That was when she'd awoken, breathing ragged, and had found herself reaching for the empty space that had never held anyone. Just a dream, but so much of her ached for the reality. She rolled over and pressed her face in to the pillow to muffle a loud groan. If only those boys hadn't started that chant, she wouldn't have seen the pity in those blue eyes. She wouldn't have had the dream. 

She wouldn't be aching for someone she could never have. 

The End

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