Her Last FightMature

With fear thrumming through her, Alara snatched up the nearest blade she could find and quickly took cover as a bullet whizzed past her head.
Looking around, she saw the others either taking cover or firing off at the guards that stood on the stairs.
"Shit" she muttered under her breath and sprang to her feet to dash toward the sofa and ducked behind it.

At this pace, she wasn't going to get anywhere, she needed guns. Smiling, she spotted one male with a gun as he ran past her toward the stairs to shoot at the guards, taking a few of them down.
Taking advantage of his distraction, Alara got to her feet and charged toward him with her knife raised, ready to deal the death blow from behind. Abruptly, a bullet ripped into her thigh, causing her to topple over at the other teens feet and lose her element of surprise.
He looked down at her with cold eyes then turned away to slink off somewhere unseen, leaving her lying there in a growing puddle of blood.

Alara dug her elbows into the cold floor and dragged herself behind cover and stayed there, waiting for the fight to be over so she could somehow claim victory.
Agony tore through her leg, reverberating within ear with each pump of her racing heart. How was she going to win with a bullet inside of her leg?
With a wince, she unsheathed a short dagger and began cutting the bullet out. Screaming in pain, she continued to grind the knife against the bullet to pop it out.

Finally, after agonizing seconds, the bullet clinked to the floor. Alara wasted no time, tearing a strip of her shirt off, she plugged it into the wound to stop the bleeding and slowly staggered to her feet again.
She limped over to the wall and hugged it, making sure to stay within the shadows and spot her chance to win.
Alara gripped her knife tightly and slowly staggered onward.
"It's either fight or die" She heard The Mentor say over the speakers in the room and winced, knowing that message was directed toward her.
"Fight or die" she growled under her breath and sighted on a target, the same male from before and smiled.
"Fight or die!" she shouted and with a burst of sudden adrenaline, she half ran-half limped toward him with her knife poised to strike again.

The End

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