The First ChallengeMature

The Mentor faced the teens and studied all of them, their wary and nervous expressions. He was almost tempted to smile.
This was the thing he was looking forward to the most, throwing all of them into the pit of fire and waiting to see if they either out alive or remained in there to rot for his amusement.

"Alright, listen up" he said as he walked past them toward a large weapons chest. "Here's your first challenge" he opened the chest and stepped back to gesture toward the various weapons.
"Each of you choose a weapon from this chest, fight through the guards standing up there" he pointed at the stairs where heavily armed men stood ramrod straight and intimidating, "And try to make it to the roof in one piece. Fight each other and the obstacles in your way. The first one to make it to the roof will be rewarded in kind" he picked up a short sword and examined it. "Did I also mention that it's kill or be killed?" he asked and walked away as the armed men brought their guns up in sync and took aim.

The Mentor walked into a room with double-sided glass and smiled, pressing the button for the intercom he leaned down "I suggest you all go for your weapons now, guards, fire in Three...two..." he paused and watched them all leap into action, going for their weapons and quickly taking cover. "Fire!" he roared.
The room became pelted with hundreds of speeding bullets that pinged around the room, embedding themselves into furniture and walls.

The Mentor watched as one male, leapt up and fired off a shot at the guards, hitting his target and moved on toward the bottom of the stairs, a female with long blonde hair shot forward with her knife raised, going straight for the male at the bottom of the stairs.

The Mentor turned the mike off and sat back to watch the show with a big grin on his face.
"And the show begins" he murmured.

The End

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