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He was  normal in the ways that teenager trained to kill could be normal. He did give off the unsatiable urge to kill, maim and masticate. No before she even entered the room she could hear him muttering something about him being a hideous weapon.  They would make a fine team and possibly he would make a finer ally.

"What do you specialize in?" Laura asked still standing in his room.

"Pistols, knives and one other thing. I would also say i'm fairly stealthy." He said plainly, looking off into open closet which held a long black coat, with a gun harness holding two desert eagles, " What about you?"

"I use rifles, Hand to hand, katana and my favourite machine guns or assault rifles. I've got a bit of a collection if you want to look."

"I'm sure its impressive, but I will have to say no to that." He said turning around looking at the boarded up window.

"what this one other thing?" Laura pressed walking over to him and leaning on the desk.  She didn't care how uninterested Shard maybe she was going to get him to open up.

"I like to keep it a secret. Even if we are going to be partners for me it's better if you don't know what it is until you see it in action." He said with a ghost of a smile.

"Fair enough. Hey want to train with me instead of stair at the boarded up window?"

Shard took his gaze away from window, contemplating for a quick few seconds before getting up and grabbing a couple of black foamy knives from under the bed.

"Wow you even have your own training gear?" Laura smiled.

"Yeah I prefer it that way." Shard said following her.  Out into the hall.

The training hall was brighter than the rooms given for everyone. Had pillars, cover, sand bags, catwalks hallways it was fairly large. It was well built for a mock up combat situation but not neccesarily an assasination training ground. Something about it didn't seem right but Laura couldn't place it. On one of the walls was a rack of training weapons Laura grabbed the Katana. Without giving Shard warning she swung at him the tip missing his torso by inches. He steps backwards and without even seeming to move one of the foamy knives hits Laura on her hip.

"Again?" He says after grabbing the foamny knife off the ground as if it was nothing.

" Don't get cocky." Laura said offering no excuses for the loss. This time Laura waited watching Shards movements He charged and stopped as she swiped so he kept his distance. But she wouldn't let that happen as waled forwards swinging at him he managed to block each swing as if it was nothing. She was waiting for him to throw one of Knives even giving him and opening to do so. He didn't take the bait.  She jabbed forcing him back and she charged this time he threw the knife. She blocked and within seconds the fake blade was resting on his neck. 

"Better when we're not catching eachother off gaurd." She said letting the blade off his throat.

"There is never a second time." Shard said quietly.

"Not if you think like that. Anyways I know we haven't been training long, but I'm going to call it."

She placed the katana back on the rack and head toward her room saying goodbye to Shard who still was giving her the cold shoulder, but he had every right the mentor didn't make it easy to trust people.  The mentor  put everyone on the edge probably even death itself if it was indeed a hooded entity that roamed the earth.  The first day she met the man was in squeaky clean overly white room in a government building. It was months after she had gotten her fellow foster children to murder their abusive foster parents. The night evens burned into every cell of her brain.

It was all setup they were going to do it when they were watching the T.V. They were going to threaten to stab them with knives if they didn't let them tie them up. It didn't work out that way of course. As soon as they threatened them the foster dad by the name of John. Stood up and took the knife and charged after all of them with knife. Screaming about how they dare threaten him. In his anger he grabbed one of the children and sliced their neck. With every ounce of her body shaking with fear and anger laura climbed onto the table and jumped at the man with knife in hand stabbing him. Without another moments notice she rounded on their foster mom tying her up. The police came, the kids described the abuse the foster mum defended her now dead husband. It was a mess and Laura ended up between house for many months until the mentor came offering her a new life.

The End

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