A Killer's EyesMature

It was, dim , metallic cold, almost blue coloured.  That was Shard's room. Not that it mattered. Shard felt the stay here wasn't going to be here long. The mentor was up to something and no doubt it was going to involve killing. It always did. Shard shuttered at the thought of more blood on his hands. He didn't want to kill. The first time was a mistake.  Shard sat down at the desk punching it. He had to; the Mentor wouldn't let him live he didn't and that man was truly an agent of death it was like he revelled in it.

"Dammit how did I let this happen to me. I'm a hideous weapon, dealer of death." He muttered looking off into the open closet paying close attention to the two dessert eagles eagerly awaiting for the next mission, for the next kill.

"You have a killers eyes." A girls voice said from the doorway but it seemed so far away as memory triggered in his head.

" You got a killer's eyes kid." His uncle said as he lowered his hands the sound of it still ringing in his head as he stared at the target across the range the hole rate between the eyes."

"I don't want to be a killer." Shard said. His uncles large hands offering to take the gun as his  cold brown eyes tried so show signs of sympathy.

"With a shot like that some of our friends would demand a smart clear headed thinker like you working for the boss."

"Then you better not tell anyone." Shard said nastily  as he held his left forearm out revealing a scar and a brand saying 15 sins , " last time didn't turn out so well for me. Mum , and Dad haven't been the same both trying to keep their distance, while begging me to put the cross back on and sit nicely in the pew, with the book."

"That's different."  He said his hands audibly tightening on the barrel of the pistol, " God plays a huge part of our lives, it's uncomfortable to see you so distant from us. It's cold and unthinkable to think that we.."

" I don't want to talk about it uncle." Shard said, " Perhaps if you would all give me some space let me think and stop punishing me for being different I wouldn't see religion the way I do."

There was silence after that as the two walked away from the shooting range. As they got into the sleek black Merc the unlcle said ," Im sorry about your arm."

" I am to."  Shard said.  The car rumbled to life and as they were pulling away his uncle's phone started ringing, " Who is it?"

"Joey, hang on it might be important." His uncle said flipping the phone open, " I see. Yeah I'll fix it. I will be right over." He hung up. " I will have to drop you off at the corner store is okay." 

"Okay." Shard said looking out the black tainted windows.

The trip was silent and the goodbye was brisk, but that was always how it was. His uncle was always friendly like a second father figure but as soon as anything with the mafia came up he became quiet and solemn like. Shard was always sure he was preparing himself to kill someone and wanted to put himself in the mindset of a killer. Shard walked on gravel part of the roads that were cracking from age small blades of grass peaking through. The houses looked equally worn down by the weight of grey sky above.

"This place is a dump it's dying." Shard said under his breath. Turning his head back to see several men wearing black suits, and dark glasses. They were there when his uncle dropped him off but then he didn't think much of it then.

"Hey kid, want to stop for a sec?"

He ignored the comment sped his pace up.  It was only a few more blocks, and there was no way these creeps would be allowed to continue.

"Eh, want to stop ignoring me, kid?" The same voice said picking up speed behind him. Shard broke into a run as did his pursuers . They were catching up.  Just as he rounded his street corner one of them grabbed his shoulder and threw him to the ground.
 They were surrounding him now.

"Pretty impolite ignoring and running away from us eh Tony?" One said. 

"Should teach him some manners. I hear he is disrespecting his parents to." Another said.

"What do you want with me you fucks." Shard said attempting get himself off the ground but an eager push back to the ground let him know they weren't going to let that happen.

"Your coming with us. So sit tight and shut your mouth." One said lighting up a cigarette.

"Can I at least stand up its all suspicious if you huddling around me like this." Shard reasoned.

"let him up. Nothing funn.." Shard grabbed the cigarette of the mans mouth and shoved it in his eye  before grabbing the mans revolver. The man screamed in pain as shard swung the gun back and forth violently letting them all know he was armed.

"Fighting instinct kid, but that's not the first time someone pulled a piece on us. Put the gun down kid. You're outnumbered."

"Difference is you guys are capturing me meaning you're not really supposed to be harming me. Me on the other hand don't give a fuck who you are. So back the fuck off before I fucking put one through you."

"He's got a point Tony." One said.

"yeah , yeah I know, but I'm not gonna let this get fucked up by some spoiled mafia kid who thinks he's safe because his mommy daddy know some people. Your dad isn't doing much of the hard work these days kid. He isn't as respected as he used to be so don't think you're safe kid. Now again put the gun down or I think an accidents gonna happen."

"Tony!" One of them said through his teeth.

"put the gun down kid you got five seconds." Tony said. 
Shard shot three times hitting tony and one other in the knees, before tearing off to his house.

"Get him!" Tony said through the pain taking a pot shot after Shard. As he busted through the front door things got even crazier as they followed him in. He took another shot taking another man out but shots were fired in return. Shard charged upstairs luckily missing a shot from his older brother.

"What's going on?"

"I don't" His brother was shot as one of the pursuers rounded the corner and pre-emptively shot without thinking. Shard fire his last bullet into that man. The house erupted into confused gun fire as his pursuers searched and his family retaliated believing it to be a raid by a bunch of idiots or Rivals. Shard  incapacitated a couple more of his pursuers before the whole thing calmed down but by then there was a lot of blood, and his family gravely wounded by bullets possibly dead. Shard stood their shaking. His heart was pumping and his hears were ringing, thoughts were flying through his head but none of seemed slow enough to grasp. Cops would be coming soon.

"You have eyes of a Killer." A Tall man with cold eyes, " Come with me, you will surely be arrested if you don't."

"Hello!" The girls voice said ," are you okay?" She said welcoming herself into Shards room.

" uh fine. Hello? what are you doing here?" Shard asked shaking his head slightly from the memory of that day.

"I'm going to be your partner! My name Laura Varien, and you're Shard Kobiano. He said I would recognize you. He said you have a killer's eyes."

Shard sat back looking blankly at this blue haired girl, she was taller than him. Knew more about him than he about her. She talked a lot and put him off guard. No one had made that remark to him since that day. No one.

"How can I believe I'm you partner." Shard said looking at her trying grasp any detail he could. She was fairly attractive.

"I'm sure the mentor will let you know soon enough." She said with a remarkable smile.


The End

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