Kenneth sat in the darkened interrogation room, hands cuffed behind the chair and chocolate brown eyes staring at the wall. The interrogators had left moments before when the sound of the bomb going off miles away made the ground rumble and people began screaming. All it had taken was the one phone call, he had felt that this day would eventually come, and he had been prepared for it. A half ton of explosives and gun powder strewn throughout the compound where his cartel had done their work, a failsafe in a way, to prevent him from being thrown in prison, and only at the cost of a couple hundreds of lives.

He didn’t care, just so long as he was safe from the punishments of what he’d done. Indeed, Kenneth was usually the hero of the cartel, nicknamed the dragon for his seeming inability to be killed in combat and his proficiency the explosives that gave him the fiery touch of the mythological beast. But in this moment, his cool had snapped, his own cowardice that he had hid for his long 19 years finally showed up in all of it’s horrifying glory. Oh the things that terror, and fear can bring about when exposed from inside the human mind…

The door cracked open again and a tall, strangely ominous man floated through like a malevolent wraith. He cocked his head at Kenneth, cold, death filled eyes fixated on the boy. Kenneth began to squirm uncomfortably until the figure let out a cackle, reaching behind Kenneth with a key and unlocking his cuffs. Kenneth rubbed his hands together and glared at the figure.

“What do you want?” He snarled, “And further more how did you get in here? There are feds swarming everywhe-“

The figure cut him off with the extending of a business card, a passport, and a plane ticket, shoving them Into Kenneth’s hands his words rumbled throughout the room.

“The card has an address, catch your flight and go there,” The mentor’s voice was like a cold breeze, filling up the room with the sense of death and power, “I will make you into more than you could ever be with the cartel, you will become a king of criminals.” And with that, he left, as Kenneth walked out the door he was taken aback.

Bodies and blood were strewn everywhere, computers were wrecked and book shelves were overturned, how had he not heard the racket? He shook his head, obviously the man must’ve had some help…

Or, this man was the embodiment of death itself. Either way, he had peaked Kenneth’s interest.

The End

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