There's always something so beautiful about watching a sharp blade slicing through delicate flesh. Watching the knife cut through the lower belly of a writhing and panicked male victim, Alara smiled in glee. ,The crimson line that welled beneath the knife was a picture of raw morbid beauty. The blood looked black in the darkness of the alley she crouched in.
The male beneath her screamed in pain, causing her to wince and glare down at him. "Would you please be quiet? I'm trying to concentrate" she muttered in an annoyed tone.
He snapped his mouth shut, muffling his irritating whimpers and watched her with wide tear filled eyes.
Feeling her smile widen, Alara stopped the knife just before his belly button and considered it with her head cocked to the side.

"If you're clever enough with that knife, you will be able to cut the knot of his belly button out and keep it as a prize" a deep voice rumbled fom behind Alara, causing her to jump in surprise.
Leaping to her feet, she spun around to face him, ready to shout an insult only to have her mouth snap shut.

Half in the shadows of the alley, a tall male with cold icy eyes, dressed in army fatigues with a wicked looking gun strapped to his right thigh stood watching her.
A tingle slithered down her spine at the sight of him. His eyes...they looked so dead and cold that it made her heart beat a tattoo against her ribcage as a bead of sweat collected at the small of her back.
"Who're you?" she asked nervously.
The male didn't say anything, just continued to watch her in heavy silence, making her squirm beneath that chilling gaze. 
With fear gathering inside of her like a rising storm, Alara fiddled with her blood coated knife, running her fingers along the blade in a small shaking caress.

Abruptly the male pulled a knife out of his boot and walked toward her slowly. She stumbled backwards, tripping over her victim that lay there with blood running dwn the sides of his torso to pool on the grime covered concrete. The cold-eyed male crouched by her victim and pressed his knife into the belly button. With a few sawing cuts and guttral screams from the victim, he managed to cut the knot of the belly button out and stabbed it on the tip of his knife then looked back over at Alara calmly.
More fear snaked through her, making her gasp and shake.

How calm he was terrified her, the ease with which he handled his knife fascinated her, making distorted envy mingle with her rapidly growing fear.
"As I said, if you were skilled enough with your knife, you could cut the kot of his belly button out" he finally murmured and stood up to peer down at her.
Reaching into his pocket, he produced a card and flicked it toward her.
"Ten a.m, don't be late" he said and turned away to stride back into the shadows of the alley, leaving her in shock and awe.

Picking the card up, she studied it.
The card displayed only a phone number, street address, and where the name should have been, it simply said: The Mentor. Frowning, she pocketed the card but a twisted smile returned to her face as she turned back to her victim.

The End

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