My name is Sheila. I'm a Simeldion Dragon. Just so that you can picture me, I have midnight blue scales--which makes me invisible in the late hours of the night. I have four silver eyes, two on each side. I'm a very small dragon; I have a wingspan of about seventy feet. But that can be an advantage sometimes. I'm fast--the fastest of our kind.

I usually travel with a pack of other Simeldions, and  a few straggling Fydornas.  Fydornas are even smaller than me, and they have forest green scales with blue eyes--only two, one on each side. They're fast enough to keep up with us, but they don't like traveling by night--which sometimes causes disagreements.


But this is enough about me. Now I will tell you what has been happening.

As you are a human, you may not understand our ways. You're not really meant to understand us, though. Dragons have always been a mystery to your minds, and for the most part, will remain so. This is only to protect us. You humans have always tried to wipe us out because you are frightful of us, and will do anything to protect yourselves. This has been a bit of nuisance to us.

I assume you've made much progress in protecting yourselves, as our numbers grow smaller every day. But this is not my point.

A Ritmoyantern Dragon, by the name of Alsbetath, is one of the few who've strayed into Evil. He is overrun with hatred and will destroy anything in his way. He's ruthless, and vicious. What doesn't help is that the Ritmoyantern Dragons are the biggest, the toughest, and the meanest.

Ritmoyanterns have pure black scales. In the moonlight, they shimmer like the stars, making it hard to spot them. They're wingspan is, on average, six hundred feet long, making them the biggest by far. They're back spikes are roughly the size of large Viking shield. The under-armor is crimson. They have a nasty habit of releasing toxic gases from their wings, and their tail can throw spike like missiles. They're incredibly temperamental, which just adds on to how dangerous Alsbetath is.

The End

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