The Dragon Trainers Academy

Charlotte is the next breed of Dragon Trainers. Only she doesn't know it. Her life is about to change forever.

Charlotte Lacey was too busy rocking out to music to notice her adoptive parents bickering.  They would go through the same fights every day.  Her adoptive mom would accuse her adoptive dad of looking at the beautiful waitress at a restaurant, or dating behind her back while he was suppose to be at “work”.  Her adoptive dad would accuse her of not loving him anymore, or not caring for theirCharlotte.

           Charlotte’s parents had died when she was young.  They both died in a car accident with a drunk driver whileCharlottewas at a friend’s house for a sleep over.  She was devastated when she found out.

           Charlottewalked over to the mirror and began to brush her long black hair with a purple highlight while rocking out to Britt Nicole.  Her complexion was peachy.  She wore a bright purple T shirt with short jean shorts.  Music was the object of her obsession.  No matter what it was, she could rock out to it and forget the world and her adoptive parents.

            “You know you were looking at those models on TV.” Her adoptive mother growled.

            “They’re models, that’s what you are suppose to do Jessica, look at them.” He responded.

            “I can’t believe you David.  You are supposed to be loyal to me and instead you are looking at models on TV.”

            She managed to hear that in-between the changing of songs on her iPod.

            Shaking her head, she couldn’t believe her adoptive parents were fighting again.  She slammed the bathroom door and fell on her bed and began to weep.

She missed her parents even though she barely knew them.  She wished for two things the most.  She wished that she had her parents back, or that her adoptive parents would stop fighting.  Neither seemed likely to happen.  She cried herself to sleep that evening.

The next morning she awoke to Britt Nicole’s “Welcome to the Show” blaring from her alarm clock.  She stirred out of bed and went to her closet.  She knew she had to get ready, and she had an hour to do it.  It was a bit less time then she was use to.  She goes to theBrokenShardHigh School.  Their mascot, the meerkat.

Meerkat, she thought to herself as she approached her closet; what a stupid mascot.

What to wear today? She posed the question to herself.  She looked through all of the purple and black T shirts she had.  She decided on a purple Fireflight T shirt with a pair of her purple short shorts.  That would be the easiest part of her morning routine.  She still has to take a bath, apply her makeup and brush her hair.

After taking her sweet time in the shower, she dried off her face and slipped on her clothes.  She applied purple eyeliner and smudged it.  She never wore too much makeup though because she didn’t want to look like a raccoon.

Even though she was what the school kids called gothic, she didn’t have to adhere to every detail of being gothic.  By the time she finished combing her hair it was about time to go.  She grabbed a quick chocolate pop tart and walked out the door without having said a word to her arguing adoptive parents.

As she stepped outside something caught her eye.  Her attention focused on a black sphere nestled in the bushes that her adoptive dad had planted.  She felt liable to go pick it up.  The sphere was a little bigger then a basketball.  She easily picked it up and took it inside to her room and put it under the covers.  She darted out the door again while her adoptive parents were still arguing.

At school she began talking to her best friend Aymie.  Aymie was dressed in a short black dress with red decaling of blood droplets going down the length of the dress, along with black stockings, which perfectly matched her midnight black hair.

“Nice dress Aymie, are you sure that’s school appropriate?”Charlotteinquired.

“Of course not, which is why I wore it today.” Aymie responded.

“You’d never believe what I found this morning.”Charlottestated.

“Oh really, what’s that?” Aymie inquired as she looked over atCharlotte.

“I found a black sphere sitting outside my house”Charlottereplied.

“OMG THAT’S A DRAGON’S EGG!”  Aymie exclaimed “YOUR SO LUCKY!”

Everyone glanced over at Aymie and Charlotte.

“It’s nothing,”Charlottesaid while glancing at everyone.

“My brother found one of those outside and he was sent off to an academy for dragon owners.” Aymie whispered toCharlotte.

“I didn’t know you had a brother,”Charlotteresponded.

“Yea, his name is Justin, but we never see him anymore,” Aymie said depressingly.  “When you get home there will be a brochure for you; they sent one to Justin too.

The five minute warning bell rang and Charlotte and Aymie went their separate ways, Charlotte to English 205, and Aymie to Art 201.  In this school system classes beginning with 1’s are freshman level classes, going all the way up to 4 for seniors. Classes ending in 1 are basic level courses, and classes ending in 5 are advanced courses.

She slid into her chair in the English room just as the late bell rang.  She ignored the teacher and began to think to herself. 

It’s a dragon’s egg? I didn’t think dragons existed. 

She skipped her normal nap during English class.  She couldn’t sleep with all that was on her mind.

What would her adoptive parents think?  On second thought she didn’t care what they thought.  She didn’t want to leave her friends at the high school and in the community where she lived.  She knew she could still talk to them but it wasn’t the same.

“Charlotte?” Mr. Johnson had inquired.  “Would you mind sharing your essay with the class?”

She stood up and read her five page paper to the class about child abuse.  It was a well written paper the teacher would say.  After she finished reading a few of the preppy girls began to laugh at her.

“Detentions for you girls, you need to showCharlottesome respect.” Mr. Johnson barked.

“She doesn’t deserve respect; she’s probably been abused herself.” One of the preppy girls known as Bridget responded.

Charlottecleared the distance between her and Bridget in a few seconds and popped her in the jaw, knocking her to the ground, unconscious. Charlottesmiled as Mr. Johnson made a call down to the office and sent her down there.

“Why did you punch Bridget for?” the principal asked, irked.

“She had it coming; she said I had been abused.”Charlottegrowled, primal.

“That gives you no right to hit another student,” the principal responded, “Your suspended for ten days.”

“Fine.”Charlottecountered and slammed the door closed behind her.

Charlotteleft the school premises and began to stomp back home.  She pulled out her phone to text Aymie.

She angrily punched in,Got suspended for ten days.

Her phone chimed back with a response almost immediately.

What happened?

She punched in a response

Bridget said I had been abused and I knocked her out.

She waited a while for a response.  She was never prone to violence but she did what she had to do to protect herself.  She had grown up being made fun of, and this time she finally had enough.  She wouldn’t take anything from a preppy schoolgirl.  Her phone buzzed.

GJ Charlotte, she deserved it, you think you going to get grounded?

Probably not, my adoptive parents will be too busy fighting.

She got to her door and used her key, stepping inside after unlocking the door.  Her adoptive parents were busy at work so she was home alone.  She would be alone until five p.m. when they returned.  She looked on her desk and found a pamphlet.

“The Dragon Trainers’ Academy,” she read slowly.

She looked over to the lump under her covers and tilted her head slowly. She noticed that it was moving.  She moved the covers and found the black baby dragon, already hatched from the egg.

“AWWWH! Isn’t this just the cutest baby dragon ever?”Charlottecooed.

The dragon’s scales were gothic black.  It is about the size of the cat that David owns.  The dragon had small wings that were on the back of his body.

She looked back at the pamphlet and noticed it had an address on it for the academy.  She found her backpack and wondered how much clothing she’d need to pack, and what they’d provide at the academy.  She knew she could pack a lot in to her vintage purple VW bug.

She looked and found a list of what was provided at the academy.


            A room with furniture (Bring your own sheets and pillows)

The necessities for dragons

She grabbed one of her dad’s bags that he uses for “business trips” and began to pack up her shirts and shorts.  It was the beginning of the summer and she wouldn’t need much winter clothing yet.  But when that time came, she could buy more, she thought to herself.  She packed up her laptop and iPod too, two things she defiantly couldn’t live without.  Before she took her bags out to the car she told the dragon to stay in her room.  The dragon oddly obeyed.

She started taking her bags out to the car.  She came back in and gazed at her new pet.

“I think I’ll name you Shadow.” She lilted.  The dragon purred in agreement. She smuggled the dragon into the side passenger seat by covering up the dragon in her blanket.  She put the blanket in the back seat and picked up the pet dragon and put it on the side passenger seat.  The dragon curled up and immediately fell asleep.  She made one last check of the house to make sure she got everything she needed.  She then punched in the address put in for theDragonTrainersAcademy.  She texted Aymie before she took off.

I’m leaving for the Academy.  I bet my adoptive parents won’t notice.

Her phone chimed immediately.

I bet they will.

She didn’t care what her adoptive parents thought, she was going to the Trainers’ Academy and that was the end of it. She backed out of the driveway and looked at the estimated arrival time.  It was 2:30.  She would be long gone before her parents even got home.  She put on her music and began listening to Fireflight on the way to the Academy. 

The End

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