Part 1: Emergence

Less than 500 word per part, and continue to number each part individually throughout each branch. Other than that, no rules, have fun!

The Dragon Slayer emerges, temporarily blinded by the fiery ball slowly inching it's way over the horizon. Leaning on the wall to the entrance of the dragon's lair, The Slayer sheathes what remains of his shattered sword, in obvious pain, awaiting his vision to return from the sun. Once sight returned, staggering and stumbling from the pain and near exhaustion, he suffers through one painful step after another. His destination, the city in which he was hired to slay this particular dragon. With each move he makes, droplets of blood remove themselves from the various wounds that cover The Slayer's body.

Although victorious, The Slayer knows he is dying. His only hope is to make it to the city to be healed by the godly powers of the clerics awaiting his return. The King that hired The Slayer agreed to leave clerics just inside the city walls, 24 hours a day, for 5 days from The Slayer's departure to slay the dragon. The farther from the lair he travels, the slower he can command his body to continue to move. The Slayer looks to the sky, confirming that the sun is about to set. His concern is not time, it had only been 3 days since his departure, but still he fretted internally, concerned his strength would not last to reach the clerics awaiting his return in the city.

Hours after the sun has set, The Dragon Slayer collapses less than 200 feet from the city walls. He knows his strength is spent, that he has lost too much blood to continue. Angry at himself, knowing that his imminent death is his fault, a slight distraction during the slaying led to the wounds he received. Although still not sure what caused the distraction, with with life threatening wounds, The Slayer did what he had done 16 times before, and slayed another dragon to save yet another city, collect a rather large reward, and receive anything his heart desired. The best foods, liquor, and women The King of that particular area could provide. Until he grew bored of the food, liquor and women there, and move on to the next King that needed a Dragon slayed.

At least that is what he thought upon entering the lair. But he had not counted on the distraction, something that had never happened to The Slayer during any of his slaying. But the distraction did occur, and it appeared it may cost him his life. He made one more desperate attempt to crawl towards the city walls, but his strength was spent. As his vision dimmed and consciousness left him, The Slayer tried to recall what the distraction was, it seemed important, the answer to everything. If only he could remember.

Unconsciousness, but not death, fell upon The Dragon Slayer. And it was here that he relived the slaying of the dragon, and started to gain a glimpse of what the distraction was, and what it meant.

The End

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