Almost electrifying

As Lyred left the tent, I let my eyes wander over the dragon eggs. They were so beautiful, so precious, I almost didn't dare touch them. The first egg I touched was a green egg, but after a few moments I realised nothing was happening and moved on. The next was a dull red, but the egg also didn't respond. The next egg  I came to was a dark blue, almost black in the light. I placed my fingers delicately on the shell and immediately felt an electrifying force seeping up through my arm and in to my body. I gasped, then enjoyed the experience, until it passed and I was left with an egg that was mine and a smiling elder in front of me.

“Welcome to the community, Dragon Rider,” he said, bowing to me. The other Elders stood up and clasped their hands together in a sign of pleasure as they had done for Lyred. 
The egg glowed slightly in my hands. 

“Your name?” the Elder inquired.

“Corrina Starlight,” I said.

The Elder bowed his head, “ Ah yes. Take care of your dragon Corrina. Your noble heart has been chosen among many to be bonded to a dragon.”

"Thank you." I turned and exited the tent in a swirl of my cloak. Razok was outside.

"Well done Corrina. Your father would be proud." I glared at him and headed towards Lyred and the other boy.

"Corrina, you're a rider too?"

"So it would seem."

"What did Razok say to you?"

"Nothing of consequence."

"It seems to me he does not like having young competition."

"No, that's not it." I muttered quietly so that he could not hear.

The End

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