To the Dragon eggs

Lyred and Lilyth were pleasant enough, but I was wary of Lilyth, who was cat- like and moved with a prowling sense. It made me immediately think of a large cat, deadly but beautiful to behold. The bag of money I had took from the guards had been gratefully accepted by her, so I expected thaat to be a sign of friendship between us. But no matter how friendly, I was always on guard.

We headed for the open grass where the dragon trials were being held. There were many people, but most were dressed in fine clothes and were evidently very rich. I looked about for any oppertunities to expand my own small fortune which had been steadily growing since I entered the city. Everyone was distracted, and I took several coins, making sure that each person still had the recquired amount for enterance, adn that they were rich enough to cope. Lyred watched me with interest, and a small fascination. I passed him some coins and he nodded in thanks.

We fought our way through to the front, and waited impatiently for the eggs to arrive. After a few moments, I felt something brush slightly against me. I spun round and caught someone slipping his hand in to Lilyth's money bag. I grabbed him and hissed, putting my dagger to his throat. Then I realised as my companions turned, that the thief was only young, ten at the most. He was terrified, his eyes resting on the knife I held. I put it away.

"Here, leave." I slipped him a few of the coins I had taken, and as he stared gave him a small push to send him on his way. Then I turned, ignoring the looks the other two were giving me, and concentrated on the empty field in front of us.

The End

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