Silver dragon

Corrina Starlight

I didn't know what had woken me up, but I rolled into a crouching position, listening intentively for any sign that someone was on the roof with me. Apparently not. I checked, peering over the chimmney and down the other side of the slant, but there was nothing. Just a sound from the city below. I pulled a chunk of bread out from my pack and ate it hungrily. Then I drank some wine from my flask and prepared to leave the rooftop.

On the ground, I joined the crowd of people jostling in the main street. Stall owners shouted their wares, and carts men caused havoc amongst the people. Anyone in front of me parted, fear in their eyes as they noted my long black cloak, and the hood that hid my face from view. If they knew a woman was under here they would probably not be as scared. More fool them.

Ahead, three guards were pushing through the crowded street, and their eyes were transfixed on my figure. I slipped between two houses and made my way through the complex system of passages behind them, emerging further up the street. The guards had just reached the houses where I had disappeared.

I smiled and continued my progress up the street. Tomorrow, I would take part in the dragon trials. It was the only thing I had ever wanted to do. Until then, I had to wait here, where no one would discover me.

I watched a poor woman trying to sell jewellery. No one was buying from her, because they were either too poor themselves, or didn't care for the womans' poor appearance. I slipped across to her and looked at her wares. She waited nervously, unable to see who was looking at her wares. A curved piece of metal shaped like a dragon caught my eye. A singular blue gem marked the dragons eye, and it's tail curved lengthily. I asked the woman what the piece was.

"An earpiece my lady. It shapes round the edge of your ear." She demonstrated with her finger.

"I will buy it. Is a gold piece enough?" The lady spluttered.

"M-m-more than enough my lady."

I passed her the coin and took my earpiece. It truly was beautiful. And the woman would be able to buy many things with the money I had given her.


As dusk set in I sat in the dark corner of a pub, staring at the beautiful earpiece. Then, as a barmaid approached with stew, bread and wine, I attatched the piece around my ear, and felt the cool metal tail against my cheek bone.

"Here you go." The barmaid set the food down. I nodded and passed her a coin, digging in to the food once I had checked for poison. Tonight I would sleep on a roof again, and tomorrow I would partake in the dragon trials. And who knows? I might be lucky enough to be chosen.

The End

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