The Dragon Riders

The Dragon Riders are a community of warriors that protect and maintain peace throughout the world with the help of their dragons, but that changed when they began killing the riders and Shadows took possession of their well-trained dragons. Let the chaos begin.

"History must be written of, by, and for the survivors."


The Dragon Riders are highly trained warriors who are entrusted with the important task of maintaining peace throughout the world. They are not alone, for they have the assistance of their dragons. Riders and dragons are bonded during the dragon's birth, their souls entwined to form a single heart, almost a single being.

The riders have noble hearts and are "marked by destiny" when their hands caress a dragon's egg. With a single touch from the right rider on the dragon's egg, the mysterious process of soul bonding will start and the dragon will be awaken. Thus hatching from a dragon's egg and becoming a loyal friend to the rider. The Rider's mark will be imprinted in the chest of the rider, in close proximity to the heart, to seal the bonding.
If the rider shall perish, the same fate awaits the dragon. However, if the dragon dies, the rider is able to survive but the mark stays, burning the skin of the riders for their loss.

A Council was formed to insure the cycle of the riders and dragons. Their purpose was to find new riders for the dragon eggs that descended to them. Every five years, new dragons were born and riders were marked. This was an honourable path to seek for the illuminated riders, until a fee was assigned to it.

The King Servein of Reinsdrath fell ill after his son and dragon rider, Prince Raigoth, went missing along with his dragon. He stayed abed most of the time, and without the proper guidance and authority, his kingdom was in decadence. He assigned his adviser, Razok, to manage his kingdom while he was recovering from his loss.

Razok, being a warlock and rider himself,  found a great profit on the celebrated ritual, "Rider's mark". Therefore he declared a new law, anyone who wanted to try their luck and find out if they were riders had to pay 50 gold coins. This created outrage throughout the rider and non-rider community, but the Council was obliged to abide the new law, as well as everyone else.

From then on, riders were much more likely to come from a higher economical class family than lower ones. The amount of new riders diminished considerably, and a new wave of darkness was at bay, ready to engulf the Kingdom... and the world.

"Not everyone can become a rider, but a rider can come from anywhere. Only a noble heart is required."

The End

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