Chapter 8: The DemonMature

Chapter 8: The Demon


As soon as she stepped onto the path, she was assaulted by nature in its raw form. Plants twisted around the path with exotic and foreign flowers growing on them. Trees were blooming colors that were in no way regular tree colors. This was a shock for the young girl and she doubled over mentally, unable to take in all that was there. 

Recovering slightly, she continued on her way. True to what Centurious had said, it was a long path and had she not had the sights before her, she would have been bored. It was one long, straight path taking her on a journey of inhuman beauty. 

The good thing about not having anyone with her was that she could take her time and look at the perfection of raw beauty. An hour passed and she was still on the path. A bush rustled nearby and she stopped, looking around. No noises that she could hear. So she shrugged and continued moving. She couldn't help her heart beating just a little bit faster. 

She got a few feet before another rustle. Growing annoyed surprisingly instead of even more afraid, she vowed not to call out. That would only encourage whoever was out there after all. She was not lost, she had absolutely nothing to fear. 

Still the sense of impending doom stayed with her and wouldn't leave her alone. She was just about to continue on her way when a figure appeared right in front of her. She prided herself on not yelling in fear, but it was very close. 

This strange figure was bigger then her by several inches, (She was 5"6 and this figure was 5"9) and had a violent shade of scarlet. She allowed a mental gasp for standing before her was the demon of legends and fairy tales. She allowed a mental scoff. Fairy tales indeed. She had bonded with one and loved him very much. 

The demon was hovering a small feet in front of her, but he had no wings as far as she could see. He (for he had masculine features) also didn't have to the usual horns sticking out of his head but that didn't make him anymore threatened. She still did not scream and that was accomplishment all in its own. 

"You are brave for a human, but you are very unlucky to wonder alone down a forest with big scary monsters lurking everywhere." Laura was stunned speechless for how could a demon venture into this forest? She winced inwardly as she took an involuntary step backward. This caused the demon to grin nastily.

"I see you are not completely insane as to brave dangers as they come. Now what shell I do with you is the real question? We are needing new toys and it has been so long since bravery was in our midst. Most of you humans, are so easily broken just by looking at us. I can tell you though, are going to be a pleasure to get to know." 

He licked his lips and Laura couldn't help a shiver of revulsion. He grinned and moved closer till he was hovering above her. "Your fear and terror are turning me on little human." In the next instant he was completely on top of Laura, knocking her down in the process. One minute he was standing up, the next he was on her. He was smelling her and using his claws to delicately tease various parts of her body. 

Still she didn't scream and that in of itself was impressive. He wasn't discourged however and employed a next plan of attack. His forked tongue inched its way out of his mouth and started an upwards stroke on her cheek. She shivered and wimpered a little but did not scream. 

"Oh, my little snack, you are going to be wonderful. What defenses, you have up. It is going to be so fulfilling to tear you apart little by little. He ground into her dry humping her and tears leaked down her face but still she didn't scream. She was giving off enough fear to pleasure the demon though. 

He tilted his head back and moaned in pleasure, and something else also awakened from the depths of where it was sleeping. His rock hard dick, was slowly swelling. Her eyes opened wide and she made an extremely pointless effort of trying to get away. This was noticed by the demon and he gave a satisfied smile. 

With quick motions a claw and a talon embedded itself on her arm and leg holding her into place. To be able to move around freely his claws and talons stretched wide and this unfortunatly had the painful expect of sinking deeper into her flesh. Held into one place and unable to move around freely, whimpers became sobs. 

Again, this pleasured the demon and again his penis grew harder. "Oh I am going to have so much fun with you. You will be a treat to break." He stepped closer and that was when Laura screamed. 


Her scream cut through the darkness causing instant silence. Most if not all of the creatures here had seen Laura and knew she was not afraid of us. She sounded very frightened and I heard some hopelessness in her voice. Cutting off the conversation I was having with Fancy, (I knew that she wouldn't think me rude) and ran off full-speed toward the area where I had seen Centurious take her. 

I narrowly came close to running into Centurious. He was running to find someone to help. "I only left her because the path was only big enough for one person." I didn't let him get farther then that before I attempted to cheer him up. 

This is in no way your fault, something is happening to her and.....

I was interrupted by another scream and Centurious ran past me shouting back mentally.

Oh go on, this calls for some rudeness you know. Go find her, and save her. 

Centaurs like all of us can understand a limited source of mind speech, but only if it is directed at them and only at a very close range. Too far and they will be unable to talk so to speak. I used the dragon's ultimate speed, a pace that is only avalible in emergencies. I would be fucked if this wasn't an emergeny. 

I bounded through the path dead ahead, having some trouble because of my size, but I didn't give a shit. I followed the screams when they happened (for they occured quite alot) and eventually stumbled upon a clearing and what I saw there turned my blood cold. A demon was licking Laura all over her naked body (she was completely naked) and occasionally the demon licked long and slow occasionally lingering over a breast. 

At this point, I snapped. Giving a roar, I bounded toward the demon. He looked up lazily almost as if to say why bother. He vanished taking Laura with him and I came to a stop. Looking all over the place, trying to pinpoint the area where they were. His laughter came from all around. Finally he appeared a few feet in front of me. To my relief Laura's clothes were on but the big question was, how had he dressed her so quickly? 

"Really, dragon. You think you can interrupt us when we are busy?" His claws and talons were embedded painfully in her elbow and ankle. Blood leaked down her skin and made a puddle on the floor. She was crying and trying even then to get away. The demon smelled her and gave a sigh of pleasure. 

"You are very lucky young drake, this human has an enormous will, even now she is certain that she will be saved by you." He gave a chuckle and stared at me. "You have had your fun, now it is our turn. She is a wonder to behold. I mean she is extremely strong willed and she will make a fine feast. 

"If you are thinking of following after us, don't. The minute you stepped into this forest, I was alerted. The minute you step out of this forest and just happen to go in the right direction of our lair, I will know. Your movements are monitored and if you think I am lying, then just test your luck. We will have so much fun with her." 

He licked her with his forked tongue and she shivered crying harder. Then he turned back to me. "Think of the pleasures we will have. It will be better then you can imagine." He bowed to me mockingly of course. "I truly thank you for bestowing this gift upon us." 

Laura looked into my eyes at that point and what I saw wasn't hatred at not saving her. She had love on her face. She also didn't struggle but her eyes locked were on mine. The demon didn't seem to notice still busy in his own world. A voice yelled in my mind an instant before it happened. 

I love you Dracon! I know you will find a way. 

Then demon and girl vanished and had she not yelled, it would have been a lot more shocking then it would have been. I stared at the spot that she had been a few seconds ago. I stared in horror for a long time wondering if there was indeed a way that I could find her. No ideas came to me whatsoever. 


The End

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