Chapter 7: The DreamMature


She was dreaming she knew it but it was still a shock to be in the flower field. She had on a black and red dress that clung to her body. Red and black raced each other all over the dress. It was gorgeous to behold and it blew wildly in the wind. It was dark outside and she shivered, marveling at how realistic this dream was.

She found that she was heading toward the middle of the field. To her shock and horror, all her friends were tied up and bound, blood leaking from various wounds as they pleaded with her eyes to leave them and run. To not go through with what she was planning. Her eyes settled on Dracon and her heart shattered at the look of fear in them.

She was holding a double sided sword (two points on top and bottom, the bottom point facing her) of a golden blue color. A figure stood in the middle, a huge figure a violent shade of scarlet. He was about 10 feet tall and with a dawn of realization she realized that he was a demon! She was going to fight this creature! He did not notice the double sided sword in her hands for she kept it at her side away from his gaze.

Dracon pleading with his eyes not to challenge this evil creature, she ignored him sending a message of warmth and affection to him. She had to do this! At last she reached the center and stopped. The demon stared with cold cruelty at her. Without warning, he struck, a sword appearing in his hand where none was before. It waved in the wind like a dancing puppet in the wind completely mobile instead of motionless as typical swords were. It wrapped itself around her with the point facing her neck.

A blinding white light surrounded everything wiping Laura's vision of the sword, the demon, and her friends. They were gone and the sudden loneliness caused a terror in her heart so sharp that she began to scream wildly.


Her scream woke me but the terror and pain in that scream wiped any and all traces of irritation from me as I immediately tried to wake her up. To steal her from the shadow's grip. She was sweating but not from my stomach's warmth.

 She was convulsing violently, and I put to affect one of our techniques of waking up our bond mates from dreams that struggled to keep them in the shadows as what seemed to be happening here. I entered her mind and indeed she was trapped in a dream. I did not know what was happening or what she was dreaming but it prevented her from sleeping. I let warmth flow from my being cutting away the darkness. Light flooded from my disembodied being and slashed at the shadows. They did not like that and attacked me but really, that was pointless.

They vanished when I showed my power and I withdrew from her mind and waited for her to wake naturally.


She was alone in the blinding light. The shadows threatened her with visions of everyone dying around her, of her own death, and of a fate much worse than death. She was wrapped in fear with little hope of escaping from the nightmare. Then a sense of peace washed over her destroying the shadows and finally allowing her to awaken.

She felt her real eyes open and a sense of relief washed over her. The first thing she noticed was Dracon's worried face and she huddled closer to her dragon. She was crying tears of relief and she hurt him slightly (he whined slightly) in her death hug.

Do you know what you dreamed?

His voice was dripping with concern and she struggled to remember what it was that frightened her. To her dismay, what she strived for danced out of reach preventing her from remembering. She struggled to remember her dream but sadly she couldn't remember anything that occurred. She remembered the feeling of loneliness but nothing before that.

He saw the result in her eyes and huddled closer to her crooning softly. She reached out and hugged him.

I am sure whatever it was, was just a dream nothing more. Sure wish I can remember what it was though.

They were interrupted by feet scrabbling on floor and Theo, and Fancy burst into the room.


We were interrupted by the late cadets. I couldn't resist telling them about that.

A little late don't you think? She was screaming for quite a while.

A guilty look came into Fancy's eye and Theo lowered his head.

We were trying to wake up. I was having such a good dream that I thought the person I was....well I thought she was screaming in lust not terror.

Who the fuck screams in lust?

Well when the sex is really, really good....

Never mind, the fact that we did not have to chase you down is point in itself. She can't remember what she dreamed about and the strangest thing happened when I entered her mind. Shadows were there. A lot of them and they were tormenting her, preventing her from sleeping. I never saw anything like it.

Fancy who had heard my conversation with Theo, turned to look at Laura who was still shivering from the remnant of the dream that had tormented her went over to her and laid her horn on the girl's shoulder being very care to not cause any accidents.

The shaking died down and eventually ceased and Fancy looked triumphant.

Sometimes a Unicorn is needed to strike at the darkness of the heart. It is lucky, I am here.

I rolled my eyes and muttered,

Know-it-all horse  

She glared at me and pawed the ground making threatening gestures.

Don't fucking call me a horse or your friend could meet an untimely and very tragic death.

I laughed and soon after Fancy's amusement entered her eyes and she joined in.

"Well Laura, your dragon likes to push his luck, we all know the tragic tale of Marty who refused the warnings I gave him. A dragon without a penis is a dead dragon. We all know Dragons have pride in themselves and we wouldn't want to have him neutered would we.”

We all shared a laugh at Laura's blush that couldn't help but make itself known. "While we have the pleasure of consciousness, why don't we go out and meet my subjects. It is very lucky that I am well liked, as I don't do a damn thing of any use around here.

Laura stayed behind to stay next to me and who could blame her after what she went through. Soon we made it out and I heard Laura curse at the site ahead of us. Our forest was beautiful during the day but at night it was equivalent to having a very vivid acid trip with colors and shapes. We weren't out of our fucking minds so to speak so the beauty was real.

Laura twice had to be reminded to move forward. Creatures were lined all over the place forming one giant crowd. They showed no fear for as Fancy said, we are a fucking curious race. Theo was immediately talked to about his wounded pride and he cheered up. No, there was no need to rub in the fact that his dick was scarred as everyone could see the evidence in front of them. We weren't stupid you know.

A centaur walked up to us and bowed to Laura and the poor girl was so shocked at this formality that she was stammering excuses and attempting to hide behind me pleading me to hide her, but I seemed to have become deaf and she was forced to stay there. The socializing would do her good and besides centaurs were curious as all hell about the humans who feared them for seemingly no reason.

Taking pity on her, he gave me a pointed look and I made a lame excuse and trotted away. I knew there was no danger here.


The beauty of the place overloaded her mind with images of such gorgeousness that she had to take it in slowly or risk overloading her senses. Eventually a centaur came over and bowed to her, and it was so unexpected that she felt unworthy of such royal treatment. She attempted to hide behind the dragon but the fucker seemed to want to walk away. Ohh he could be infuriating sometimes.

The centaur seemed to take pity on her and after Dracon's rather lame excuse at checking things out, the centaur laid a hand on her. He was old and if Laura could tell this then he was not hiding it very well.

"I know it is breathtaking to be in a world with magic at every turn.  I mean you no harm. After all I have been curious and rather heartbroken that the rest of your race is so afraid of something that is very curious about them. I am half human myself but just look at me. I have a horse's body and in this day and age, that won't count for anything. If I tell you my name and assure you I won't harm you in any way, will you relax? Then if you want, I would like you to tell me yours. Knowing names is a good way of gaining trust.

Laura nodded. She couldn't trust herself to speak and the centaur seemed to sense this and smiled. "My name is Centurious.”

"L-L-L-Laura,” She stammered out and the centaur smiled and thanked her. "I know how social pressures are weird and boring so how about I show you the prettiest part of this forest. There is only enough room for one person to walk comfortably and I am not going to talk to the back of your head. It is extremely rude.”

She nodded and allowed him to lead her a short distance from the rest of the crowd. As they walked, the centaur told her many things about himself, never asking the same for her as he sensed that she was still extremely shy around anyone but her small circle of friends. He told her of his childhood using terms that she could understand.

She slowly began to drop her shield and open up. He never said anything about this seeing as how she didn't even know it herself. She asked him some questions and was somewhat disappointed when they arrived at the beginning of the trail that would lead to what he claimed was the prettiest part of the forest. She had trouble believing it was just a forest as there seemed to be a culture here but that is what it was.

Centurious turned to look at her, and she sensed some sadness in his eyes. "Follow this path it will eventually turn around and come back here. The path is very long and extremely beautiful. Often times people have been sitting in one place, enjoying the gentle beauty. This may be hard to believe but that was not created. It just appeared there and sometimes I like to walk down the path and bask in nature at its most raw. As long as you don't stray from the path, it will be very easy to find your way back.”

For one moment, they stood there, girl and centaur, and then eventually Laura turned and ventured deep into the forest.

The End

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