Chapter 6: True IdentityMature


Fancy’s display of strength scared her if she was going to be honest with herself. I guess she hated being called a horse. They heard a shout of pain and turning they noticed the Gryphon that Fancy had saved behind them. He was limping and he was still rock hard. It must hurt or something to stay hard like that.

“Please wait or I believe I will collapse.” They stopped and waited as he slowly limped his way up to them.  He finally made it and stopped in front of Laura. He did not notice the flustered look that appeared in her eyes at being close to a hard Gryphon. Anyone would have panicked if they were in her place.

He paused again to catch his breath. “Thanks for saving me. I don’t care who you are, having your dick shaved is not a pleasant experience, especially if pointy knives are involved.” He was addressing Laura but his eyes were on Fancy. Laura thought that his accent was weird. It didn’t sound very Gryphony, and she struggled to place it. Finally giving up and trying not to notice the member that was near her. No one seemed to notice her problem however. Surprisingly Dracon didn’t either.

Turning back to Laura, who fought really hard not to stare, he smiled in a feral way that coming from a human or something else would have looked downright alarming. He made it look sincere as if he was aware of its ferocity.

 “Don’t think I have forgotten you human.” He tilted his head as if confused. “But you smell different from our mutual friend Marty over there.” To everyone’s shock and Laura’s humiliation, the Gryphon leaned close and took a long smell, as if he was determined to get to the bottom of Laura’s strange scent.

Finally, he leaned back. “You smell weird human, a pleasant smell one that is turning me on and making me horny. How would you like a ride?” Laura’s eyes widened at the implication and blushed furiously. A very amused rumbling came from the soon to be dead dragon next to her. She glared at him and if looks could kill or cause minor damage, then her look would do just that.

“Uh,” she spat out. The Gryphon perked up mistaking embarrassment for agreement. “Think about it human, Gryphon lovers are passionate and unyielding.” Laura thought about what he said. What the fuck did unyielding mean? He was continuing and Laura was brought back to earth. “I can bring you to the depths of pleasure heaven and make you a pleasure vegetable.” If this wasn’t shocking she would have been impressed by his unique way of seducing a woman. She was saved from any further embarrassment by Dracon who spoke something to the Gryphon. She could tell because he was staring very intently at him. She wondered what on earth it could be that they were discussing.


If the Gryphon hadn’t just been tortured in a very bad way, I would have neutered him free of charge for making his mark on my mate. When he started doing the ancient Gryphon ritual of seducing woman, (the humans anyway) I felt he had gone too far.

Excuse me

I said to him not knowing if he would hear me. He jerked and I knew he had.

You are talking to my bond mate, if you would like to make an appointment, kindly wait for the time of never. I don’t mean to be mean but once bonded to their dragons, humans have a kind of mark on them that prevents the mystical community from touching them sexually.

He drooped noticeably (sadly others had better ideas. It seemed that he was doomed to forever have a hard on) But instantly perked up.

Dragon, I can’t just you dragon it would be rude. If I promise not to pleasure your mate, can I go with you? I have nowhere else to go and it was really pathetic that I allowed my urges to get me captured and tortured by that human who smells of beans.

My name is Dracon, and I have no problem with you joining with us, I don’t mind you embarrassing her but try not to let control slip from your grip.

That is a relief to hear. I have excellent self-control except when I don’t. My name is Theo I believe it is a pleasure to meet you.


To her utmost relief the Gryphon did not try to seduce her again. They walked back to the forest border where Laura had first bonded to Dracon. She allowed a small smile as she remembered that incident. As they talked the Gryphon introduced himself as Theo and then told a very embarrassing story about why he was captured.

It seems that the Gryphon (in blunt honesty) said that he was extremely horny and had to fuck something or just collapse. Convenient that there was a small hole dug by some unsuspecting mole nearby and he immediately had to have his way with it. Unfortunately that was when Marty came along and began to torture him.

“I had no hope of being rescued and couldn’t help the screams. You were like an angel appearing when you did.” Theo bowed low his eyes on her. “We pride ourselves on our pride, rarely showing the backs of our head to anyone. We believe that it shows weakness. I honor you young human with the funny smell.”

Finally they arrived at the border and they stopped. The young girl was filled with fear and dread about how she would be received. Surprisingly it was Fancy and not Dracon that offered support. “Laura, you are a gift of the human race. We are curious about the humans that are afraid of us. They go out of their way to avoid us, but not you. As long as you show them respect, they will not hurt or allow you to be hurt. It is the middle of the day and as such most of them will be asleep. We are more active at night.”

Laura nodded and proceeded to follow Fancy into the forest. Immediately, the sights imposed themselves and shouted to be admired. Unlike the first time however buildings seemed to sprout up and Laura could have sworn that they weren’t there the first time that she had been there.

“Oh yes, Laura. We have a civilization and buildings and other “Human” things. In fact our race and yours are a lot alike with creature comforts if you will. We are not animals Laura; we want to live in comfort and luxury too.”

There was too much for the young girl to take in all at once. Though made out of something, it was extremely hard to describe it as it was so different then human dwelling. Incorporating aspects of nature into their homes these creatures lived in constant luxury on all sides of nature. Some littered the path like a museum on exhibit; others had a small space between them.

Finally they arrived at a huge building bigger than the others and to Laura’s shock; it was the duplicate of a castle in her world. A small plaque sat on the entrance and Laura had some trouble believing what it said.

“This is the home of Fancifica, if you don’t have business here then scram!!!!!”

Laura stared at the sign in confusion and when she turned to Fancy, the Unicorn had a passionate look of amusement on her face. She looked in pain of collapsing in a fit of the giggles. “Oh really, dear girl, did you think me a common Unicorn?” Laura stammered out an apology and even Theo and Dracon looked uncomfortable.

The Unicorn shook her head in a gesture of dismissal. “I hate titles and my real name. My parents were King and Queen of this world. When they died, they left the estate to me. I am the wayward daughter of royalty. Don’t you dare fucking bow, I hate being the princess of a realm as well as etiquette.”

Laura again stammered, feeling like she tarnished the reputation of this marvelous creature. Again the apology was waved aside. “You are different from most humans, Laura. For one thing you do not fear us as so many of you kind seem to do. Now come on in. Unlike your typical royalty, I don’t have any servants as I can do things just fine on my own thank you.”

Laura felt unworthy but allowed herself to follow in Fancy’s wake. As soon as she stepped inside, she was again assaulted by beauty this time wherever she looked. It had the appearance of a small hut on the inside but bigger then said hut. Having no need for beds, the Unicorn’s home resembled a very spacious room. Gold as typical of this sort of thing littered the walls and a few streaks of purple and red were embedded in the bits of gold.

Laura couldn’t begin to describe the beauty of this place but she knew that anyone greedy would be after this gold in a flash. As if reading her mind, Fancy allowed a chuckle of amusement.

“Yeah I guess there are greedy fuckers out there. Don’t you worry; only friends and other “Mystical Creatures” are allowed to see this site. It is hidden also against deception. Say a demon infiltrated us and gained our trust. No matter how hard you try to gain deception, there is no way that anyone could hide what is heart’s truest desire. It is double protected so that way, humans won’t ever get their hands on this stuff.”

Laura blushed again but this time of pleasure instead of embarrassment. Theo couldn’t keep quiet. “God I don’t want to tarnish the reputation of royalty with my problem.” Fancy chuckled, an odd sound coming from a unicorn. “I saved you didn’t I? I would be a poor host if I just turned you away. Mother always said that it was good to have manners.”

Laura allowed herself to marvel once more at her surroundings before another problem came up. “Where am I going to sleep?”


Fancy’s identity was a shock to all but when Laura asked about sleeping arrangements, I just couldn’t remain silent any more.

Laura, when humans in the rare event that they bond with us often forgo beds. I wouldn’t know but we are very soft and comfortable. Since we like to sleep during the day and you had a busy day and I am sure you are about ready to collapse from exhaustion.

I could tell she was embarrassed about technically sleeping with me, but I would behave myself. I would not submit my desires on her unless she wanted to. She eventually nodded and came over to stand by me.

“Great, since I am tired, and I had a busy fucking day, I propose we all go to bed now and wake up at night. It will be even more active at night and introductions will be introduced.”

We shuffled off and as we were doing that, we heard Theo mutter darkly, “Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sleep on your own dick?” We shared grins each unique to our species. Theo was fine sleeping near the door and that led us to following Fancy to where we would be sleeping. Her home was big, one could easily get lost if not paying attention.

Finally we arrived at a very comfortable looking part of the room. Though barren it shared the same beauty as the rest of her home. Fancy nodded to it as if that was all the explanation that was needed and trotted off to presumably where her room was.

For several minutes we stared at one another and then I made the first move and laid down opening my wing joint. I radiated constant warmth and my wings enclosing my side would ensure her warmth and safety. Despite being the middle of the day, it was very cool almost cold in the room. She settled in the space between wing and side and hugged my side.

I felt the sadness in her but she was not crying. As I drifted off to sleep for there was no need to speak, I heard her mutter, “I love you Dracon, and you are the best thing to ever happen to me. I allowed a rumble of pleasure before drifting off to speak. 

The End

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