Chapter 5: The GryphonMature

Chapter 5: The Gryphon


As Laura struggled to put distance between her childhood home, I had some time to think. What was going to happen to her? Though I wanted her to be happy with me, I knew that she had to have human comforts otherwise risk insanity. A sharp branch cut into her leg piercing the skin, and a small trickle of blood flowed down her leg.

I winced as the same leg on my body was opened as well. Sometimes I wondered why bond mates had to share their bodies. It was an old magic that even I was ignorant of. She hardly noticed it and small whimpers escaped her as her thoughts tormented her. I wished I could scare away the terrors but they were inward instead of mental terrors. Something inside was tormenting her.

For several minutes we ran as if the villagers were right behind us. I knew it wasn’t but Laura’s fear was projected onto me and I cursed as her fear caused me to look back in the same paranoia that gripped her. Finally we arrived at the border where no other human dared travel and Laura allowed herself a small break.

Ok we should be safe for a little while. It was the only place that I thought of that we would be safe.

Her mental voice was getting better and I allowed a moment of pride at her accomplishment. She sat down and stared at the ground with her hands on her head as if holding back a headache. Tears leaked from her eyes and I felt my being crack at seeing a suffering I couldn’t help.

Oh what are we to do Dracon? My home gone, I may not even have actual parents, and on top of that, I think I can honestly say I am in trouble. What did that leader mean when he said that they had found me?

She convulsed in a wracking cough and more tears leaked out. I settled down near her and laid a tender talon on her leg sending some confidence into her. Dragons prided themselves on endless amounts of confidence. This feature was only available to bond mates though.

Slowly the coughing died down and she looked at me with those eyes. I had to fight another wave of lust as the innocence in them, the downright sense of trust that she had in me was shown to me in that moment. She laid a hand on my head and stroked the hard scale there that unfortunately was a sensitive spot.

Damn woman were you trying to kill me?

Oh Dracon, what would I do without you there to cheer me up? Fancy was a dear to trust me. After all I met you.

I rumbled and stepped closer. We shared a hug that unfortunately didn’t go beyond friendship. We were rudely interrupted by a rustling in the bushes and both our hearts stopped in fear. Did someone beat us here and waited in ambush so that they could waylay us?

The figure was shrouded in darkness and I was surprised to find it on all fours. There was only one creature that I met so far that was like that.

All right step on out, I know it’s you Fancy!

Unicorns could hear a portion of mind speak especially if it was directed at them.

Shit what gave me away? I was shrouded in darkness. How the fuck could you have known it was me.

Maybe try the fact that you have feminine curves even for a horse so think, how many creatures do you know that are like that?


I stared at her, raising an eye ridge.

Overgrown cow? That’s the best you can do? I am not related even to a hallucinating being to a cow.

Well I am not a fucking horse so don’t you dare call me a horse or suffer the consequences.

She was by this time fully visible and Laura had that sparkle in her eyes.

“Fancy? Oh thank the heavens that you are not a monster. I have nowhere to go. We were just wondering where we were going to go. Have any ideas?

She ran right up to the unicorn showing about as much fear as you would give a pinecone. The unicorn dipped her horn and rapped it on her shoulder accepting the hug.

“You are the first human to ever come into the forest with absolutely no fear. As long as you don’t piss anyone off and by that I mean preach to them, then you are more than welcome to share the night. You would be surprised that though this forest looks small it is like stepping into an entirely different world. We have cities home to many fantastic creatures. They shouldn’t give you too much of a hard time. We are actually curious about humans, but for some reason they fear us and will go out of their way to kill us if they are cruel enough.”

She was going to say more but a piercing scream echoed throughout the land. It had the sound of utter hopelessness as if it had no hope of living. I shuddered as it filled my soul and shattered my self-control. Fancy and Laura both heard it to, and Fancy being a pure being was convulsing slightly.

A little known fact about unicorns was that they abhorred suffering. Piss one off and it will gore you but it couldn’t stand suffering and would intervene if it was capable. Tears leaked down her face as whatever was screaming was going into the point where if not saved would die in agony. Without a word we ran off. No words were needed as we all but flew down.

It was pretty close whatever was making that noise and we had no trouble finding our way to a clearing. What greeted us was terrible to behold. Trees littered the clearing and what was tied to the trees was a Gryphon. Half lion and eagle and holding a dangerous beauty. The cause of its screaming was clear but it wasn’t what we were expecting. The Gryphon’s male member was fully exposed but lust was the last thing on his mind. A human was standing over him and part of the conversation drifted over to us.

“So you thought you could fuck the ground on my land eh you stupid beast. Well Marty will make sure you never have sex again. I could kill you but a male prides himself on his dick and I have to make sure this unfortunateness never happens again.” A knife was brought out. No not a knife, a fucking machete. The Gryphon’s eyes bulged and it would have been comical had it not been fucking horrifying. Its wings and paws were held down and the Gryphon struggled in a futile attempt to escape.

Laura stared at the Gryphon in horror. Rooted to the spot by fear she was stunned. She too for some reason was convulsing as if the site of the agony of the gryphon was hurting her soul. I too was scared but for a very different reason. That knife looked sharp. Very sharp and I wanted it nowhere near me.

Fancy stepped forward but the agony in the area was causing her movements to slow. The machete lowered and seemed to hover near the Gryphon’s sex. Tears leaked from his eyes as he was held into place.

At the first slice, we all winced and an ungodly keening rose up. The rip through flesh was unbearable and Fancy and Laura collapsed. I never knew humans to be sensitive to suffering before. Fancy was clenching her jaws. Laura in a fit of desperation latched her hand onto me and then grabbed Fancy. Fancy stopped shaking her eyes wide as she turned to stare at Laura in shock.

The girl’s eyes were shut but energy was flowing into the unicorn and with bravery she did not feel the unicorn got up and trotted with determination to the center. Laura’s hand fell away but the bravery did not leave the unicorn as she bolted toward the captive Gryphon. Of course he saw her right away but Marty did not.

“Release the Gryphon or suffer my wrath.” This time Marty noticed and he turned blood and some semen leaked onto the ground from the Gryphon. The cock was scarred heavily but the sharp instrument was now nowhere near him anymore. Tears were still leaking down the Gryphon’s face but hope settled into his eyes. He watched waiting to see what would happen.

“Oh yeah and what is some horse going to do neigh at me?” We all winced at Marty’s words as a dangerous glint came to Fancy’s eyes. She took a step closer. Marty held his ground but some doubt edged his eyes.

“Don’t fucken call me a horse or you will be sorry you were born a male a stupid one at that.”

Marty again glared at the slowly angered Unicorn. He leaned forward and spat in her face. “Do you know what I am horse? I am a human, the master, the dominant one. No fucking horse is ever going to…” But before he could finish the “Horse” in question was away from all rational thought. She punched yes punch the man hard in the groin. Unicorns prided themselves as stronger and faster than horses. If one kicked you, forget paralysis, you will be stunned for a good hour or maybe longer depending on how hard you were kicked.

Marty’s eyes shot very wide so very wide that some skin broke on his eye ridges (humans were weird that way) and some blood leaked down the side. He fell like a sack of potatoes straight down landing hard on his side. The “horse” promptly started walking forward getting closer and closer to the man’s balls. She stepped on him with all her weight and Marty howled in agony.

“We are not horses; we are stronger, faster, and much, much heavier than horses. We heard something shatter and again I winced. The Gryphon was wincing as well. Marty was a gibbering vegetable not making much sense. He was throwing up too but at this point the unicorn didn’t care that his bile was ruining her coat.

“Don’t you fucking dare call me a horse again or I will do worse to you.”

Both my and the Gryphon’s eyes got huge. If this wasn’t considered worse, what was?

“I could end you misery but it is up to the Gryphon as to whether or not I end you suffering.” She turned to the Gryphon who stared with some fear back at her. Realizing that she was waiting he glared at the man and slowly shook his head.

The man called Marty howled the pain catching up to him, gibbering in gibberish he howled some more.

The Unicorn broke the Gryphon’s bonds and he fell with a thud. Then she turned around and walked back ignoring our looks of fear in our eyes. A dark humor washed into her eyes and she glared at us but her words were for the gibbering vegetable named Marty.

“Don’t fucking call me a horse!”

The End

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