Chapter 4: PowersMature

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Chapter 4: Powers


She was not out that long and soon she found conciousness returning to her. Imedietely she felt Dracon's pressence and felt confidence and warmth flood into her. He had some blood on his mouth and he was licking his chops. She was far from scared though. She knew that Dracon had just saved her and felt grateful.

But they were not alone as evidenced by the crowd of what seemed to be the entire village surrounding them. The looks in their eyes told her that they had just woken up because of her screaming. She felt like a cornered animal and wanted to turn and flee.

I will never leave you my love. Even if I am to die, I am here with you to the bitter end.

At first she didn't know who had spoken and then she felt the amused rumbling coming from the dragon next to her. It seemed that with his newfound size came the ability to speak. She heard his voice in her mind and was unable to properly describe his voice and again the amused rumbling. It seemed that with their bond, he could hear her thoughts and she is.

Before she could take advantage of this newfound revelation, one of the villagers came forward. He did not look at Dracon but rather glared at Laura. "What are you doing next to such a dangerous animal? Don't you know that a creature could eat you?"

Laura turned to the dragon who was still licking his lips and oozing innocence.

I just ate and besides the sad, pathetic human was attacking you and I felt I had to intervene. No one but myself is permitted next to you without direct authorization from me. So fuck you buddy.

This was said to Laura but addressed to the villiagers. She had to stifle an uncoming fit of the giggles at these words as such an attitude would not look good. "Don't you know the dangers of consorting with magic?"

Before what seemed to be the leader of everyone could speak more, one individual couldn't stand not adding his wisdom to the conversation.

"I see a wicked glint in its eye, it is thinking of raping our women and feasting on our innards." A sigh seemed to eminate from the crowd and the leader, groaned, "That is what you said about the postman, Frank. Really, do think before running that mouth of yours."

Frank blushed and muttered something that sounded to Laura about pineapple. The leader turned back to Laura and again addressed her, trying very hard to keep the harsh tone going, but it was hard as Frank had killed the gloomy mood.

"Now girl, your name is Laura right? Well I will give you one chance to denounce the evils this dragon has corrupted in you lest you turn down the path of corruption."

Again Laura turned the dragon who comically rolled his eyes, which was comical in of itself.

I had no idea that the people of you village were loonies. Were they always like that or only when some excitement happens?

Laura did the mental equivalent to a shrug and replied. "Only on Mondays or when some idiot needs to return what he stole." This is about all the excitement that they get even on the good days."

Laura you are so blessedly ignorent of your dragon bonded powers, you don't have to speak just think it and hope for the best. It gets some getting used to, I know, but it can be done.

Laura nodded and turned back to the crowd who were huddled around the place wondering what Laura would do. She thought back to her life in this village and what she would be leaving behind should she choose to stay by Dracon's side.

No one really treated her like she was worth something. She was not even popular. As evidenced by Phil's courtly manners, she was seen only as a good fuck and then left behind. Not even her own mother and father cared for her. It was like she was totally ignorable.

She stared at Dracon, and thought of the creatures that she had met so far. Fancy was a bit odd but had a good heart and she had introduced her to the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.

What did the villagers have to offer for her? Did she want to go back to a life of a welcome mat? If she did, who would take care of Dracon. He didn't seem to be worried about her descion, letting her make the choice that would determine her fate.

"Time's a wasting, my foolish friend. You were never a good girl, always dreaming and going your own way. We found and raised you and this is the thanks we get?" Before Laura had a chance to blink in shock. The villagers were arming themselves with the weapons that were always nearby.

Laura edged backwards wondering why things were the way they were. She felt afraid and cornered again. Dracon nuzzled her and the warmth and affection flooded her soul. If she was to die here at the hands of the mob, then at least she would be with her beloved dragon.

But some glimmer of fear washed over her seemingly not her own. It seemed foriegn and totally wild. She thought of Dracon lying dead in a field, his organs splayed out at a bonfire and her body nowhere near.

What could only be called a vision ended abruptly and tears ran down her face. She wasn't nearby. He would die alone and probably afraid. She didn't know how she knew this but it must have been the "feeling" powers of hers. Unbeknownst to her or even the others in the room, her eyes blinked and shifted to silver.

The villagers so intent on their goal did not notice the change. They picked up speed, and flat out ran toward her but to her sight, they slowed down. Again the vision of Dracon's broken body came to mind, and more then her life flooded into her. Power exploded into her, and the villagers stopped dead in their tracks a look of shock and horror on their faces.

A blinding flash of light flooded the room and Laura held her hands out in front of her attempting rather hopeless to prevent herself from being blinded. When the light cleared, bodies littered the floor. She knew instantly that they were not dead.

She knew she had to get out of their, knowing without knowing that they would soon get up. A thought came to her seemingly unbidden to her mind. The parting shot before this madness occured. He had said something about Laura being found. What did that mean? Did it mean that she was not an acutal member of this batch of nutcases?

She shook it from her mind intending to figure it out at a better time. She began to run wondering if Dracon would wonder why they were fleeing but she heard his talons on the floor and knew that she would not go anywhere alone.


Her display of power shocked me as normally dragon bonded used power from their dragons, but this was not from my vast storage of infinite magic. No this came from within from a deeper part of my beloved. Such a thing was unheard of for the humans feared us above all others. Laura was a strange case. I sensed something, a kind of power and... something. I couldn't actually get the words out, but it was there. I would have to study this some more.

The End

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