Chapter 3: A close saveMature

Contains a very scary rape attempt. One of several life changing incidents for Laura. Introduces a new main character as well.


It was very hard being very close to my object of desire but the way I was now it wouldn't be as fun as it could be. So I behaved myself but it was very hard to control that temptation.


She could feel her companion's heart beat against her skin and she shuddered mildly. It was a strange thing to be bonded to something that was feared and hated on a regular basis. His heart soothed her and wiped away the lingering traces of fear at how she would be accepted back in the village. She followed Fancy back for with unspoken consent, the Unicorn will accompany her to the forest border. But she had Dracon and that was all she asked for. She could face anything with him at her side.

Soon the forest border appeared and Laura stared at the path that would take her back to the village that she called home. She turned to look at Fancy who was staring too. "Will I see you again. I feel more at home here then I do at my real home." Fancy nuzzled Laura and stared into the girl's eyes. "Oh I will see you again. Only death can we part."

Laura nodded and hugged the Unicorn allowing some unspoken words into the hug. Then without too much delay she turned and crossed over the border. Hoping that Fancy was right and she would see this wonderful place again she continued her journey.


I heard Fancy tell me one final thing and I stored it away for future use. I wondered how Laura would be recieved. Would she as her thoughts feared be beaten? I certainly hoped not for they would have to answer to me if they did do anything to her.

I sensed that were nearing wherever she lived and I settled down. My talons dug in being careful not to hurt her, but there was little chance of that happening as our shared bond wouldn't allow it. I could dull pain for her. (The same thing worked for pleasure, I could intensify or if I was feeling crazy lessen it. I would have to remember that.)

At last her footsteps slowed and that must mean we were very close. I settled down facing upwards so that I could blend in as much as possible. This also left me the side benefit of a view.....


She hesitated outside of her house. Dracon shifted and she had to stifle a groan. It wouldn't do to confuse others as to why a crazy girl was moaning in pleasure when there was no one around. She laid a finger on Dracon and she felt confidence flow into her. He provided courage when it was hopeless. He truly was a magnificent creature to calm her at just a touch.

Deciding that she had waited outside long enough, she reached out a tentative finger and grasped at the door like someone drowning reaching for land. If it wasn't for Dracon, she would have never had the courage to do this.

True to all sneaky situations, the door seemed to scream very loudly and she winced violently. She couldn't do this, she felt miserable but again warmth and affection seemed to flood into her from Dracon, and she thanked whatever Deity brought them together. It was thanks to him, that she did go off running screaming in the opposite direction.

At last, the door hit the barrier that signified that it was open and she began tip-toeing and being very careful not make any unnecessary noise that will alert the house hold to her presence. She met no obstacle for some time and she soon made it to her room. Strangely she felt Dracon's curiosity at her surroundings and she did something that could end in disaster had she been caught and took him out from his shelter.

"This is where I live. Compared to the world that you know, it is very poor. I like magic and chaos better then perfect order. The forest is just such a place. A place where you can get lost in simple beauty" She hugged the rapidly growing dragon crying softly in sad happiness. "Oh Dracon, you are greatest thing to ever happen to me. I have to put you in my room but I will be back. The biggest mountains in the world will never keep us apart." He nuzzled her affectionately and both of them felt a wave of pleasure so strong that Laura's feet buckled. As soon as it began it was over.

She walked over to her bed and compared to the open area of the forest it was small and hardly a fit place for a magnificent dragon to sleep, but it will have to do and placed the creature of her heart and soul down on it. He crooned anxiously for a little while as she turned and her heart broke but she fought a last look, hoping he would understand.

Little did she know that a terrible thing would soon befall her in the so far empty house. She shut the door not bothering to lock it and later she would be thankful she hadn't.

She made her way down the hall to where the bathroom was located. Again there was no one present and had she been paying attention, she would have found that weird, but she paid it no mind.

If she was truly attuned to her surroundings she would have felt watched and in truth being followed, but the thought of being bonded to a dragon and all that happened to her today dulled her senses.

The being that followed stared in hungry and dangerous fascination after Laura. It knew where she was going but did not know of the dragon so focused on its prize. Soon she arrived at the bathroom and gave a silent thank you before stepping through. She again didn't lock it so focused on cleaning up and after all there was no one to pay her a visit this late at night.

After shutting the door she turned and turning on the light she walked toward the mirror. She would never have thought that she would bond with a creature of magic. She came from such a dull world, that she thought that nothing exciting would ever happen to her. but it had and he was so beautiful so unlike her.

She was plain with red hair that hung down her face blocking a view to what was to her a plain face. She had never felt attractive or alluring. The only reason people had any interest in her at all was the arranged marriage that happened to all girls or boys at 15. On rare occasions did they actually bloom into actual love or actual lust.

The only feature of herself that she liked was a stunning birthmark on her shoulder. No one in her family had any knowledge of it which was in itself odd. It seemed to only be visible to her for she had been naked and the mark in full view to anyone who actually saw it and not her woman hood. She had small breasts that were to her oddest surprise a lust filled focus to anyone who stared at her. Were people so horny that they just wanted to fuck and leave anything that moved.

She would have thought that big breasts attracted people not small ones. She stripped her shirt and was almost naked and walking over to the shower turned it one, thankful that it was a quiet one. Finally she released her breasts from their tomb and was stepping out of her panties to get ready for the shower that would cleanse the dirt and grime from her body.

The water was blissfully warm and she gave a gasp of pleasure that one usually feels when stepping into the shower after a tiring day. So focused on her shower, she did not hear the door knob turn and the door open.


Through my mental link I stepped into the shower with Laura, felt her bliss as she was cleaned. This unfortunately had the undesired effect of waking up someone. I glared at the intruder between my legs hoping he would go away to bother someone else. He wasn't listening in the slightest.


She gave a cry of pure bliss as the hot water pummeled her aches and pains away and she did not notice the shower curtain open. The next thing she knew she was on the ground, shivering and cold and realized that she had been thrown on the floor. She shivered violently and without realizing it covered herself up.


I glared at the intruder making all sorts of threats and threatened beheading if he wouldn't go away. He ignored me standing proudly in his glory. This wouldn't do.


She stared up into the face of Phil, the person that her parents had arranged her to. She did not want to see the hungry look in eyes that promised pain. "Why didn't you come to me bitch? I was waiting for you and figured you would get over you petty problems in the end." He noticed her nakedness as if he figured that people would take showers with their clothes on.

"What have we here? A treat for me? Aw man you shouldn't have." His hand unbuckled the belt, his eyes watching her but unlike average girls, Laura didn't give him the chance to undress before attacking. While his hands were busy, she kicked him hard, shocking both herself and him and when he fell backwards she crawled toward the door. ( the fall had hurt a lot) But she must not have hurt him for long and she felt cruel hands on her back side and she cried out.


I heard her cry and all lust gone I ran to the doorway. Thank the gods of all that was right in the world that she did not lock it. While I was distracted with my lust, I had faded from our bond. If she got hurt, I would never forgive myself. The door proved to be a disaster to get open as my talons wouldn't break it. I scratched at it. In my fear, I was very tall now almost the size of a cow or horse. I would be able to scare off whatever was happening to her. I just hoped that I can get through this door.


Phil punched her for her disobedience and unwillingness to consent. As if he thought she should just lie there and take what was coming to her without fighting back. he did not restrain himself for he had a violent anger problem. A really bad one. Blood leaked down her cheek and she fought to remain conscience. His hand made it closer and closer to her slit. but finally he grew bored with the suspense and yanked off his pants. Why wait after all.


She was scared shitless, and my talons grew sharper and to my surprise the door exploded. I stared at them wondering if i just did that. But there was no time. I just hoped I could find her. I knew where to go because of our link.


She was crying now but the aches and pains of her body prevented her from doing anything other then whimpering. He was huge for such a small guy and he grinned. "Tell anyone about this and disaster will fall you." He moved closer to her. She stared up at him, strength she didn't know she had suddenly rose within her, and she stared at him with utmost hatred in her eyes.

Her eyes turned a silver hue and in his lust he stared at her his cock momentarily forgotten. "Disaster shall befall you human. Anyone who messes with what he doesn't deserve will die a VERY painful death." With that the silver hue in her eyes vanished and she shut her eyes for a moment and looked up at him with fear in her eyes again.

He stared at her in shock but the distraction was enough for a terrible roaring filled the area and his heart nearly stopped. Standing there was a huge dragon and he nearly lost it. The dragon didn't give him a chance to respond let alone run. With blinding speed, he ran up to Phil and stared into his fear driving eyes.

A very sharp talon flashed through the air and Phil felt a blinding agonistic pain in his groin. Blood exploded from his cock but the dragon did not stop there. Another blinding agony filled speed in the air and suddenly Phil was surrounded by darkness. But was still alive. Blood suddenly exploded in the air and Phil was gone, not even his clothes remained.

Laura allowed a grateful sound and soon collapsed and fell through darkness.

She did not notice the crowd surrounding Dracon and herself.


The young woman made her way through the darkness. Her eyes immediately adjusted to the darkness. She was a demon but all other similarity ended there. Her father had seduced a human woman and Lyra was the result of that paring. Though she shared all similarities and looks to the demon kin, she had a human soul and therefore was allowed into the light of the sun fatal to anyone else of her kind. She had kind eyes that like her kin had a rosy hue.

No one even her own father had no idea of that. She tired of looking into the suffering caused by the king and her father. Demonic kings were huge, taller then garden imps and other kin. She vowed to stop him and vowed to help the next victim. Her father was away right now preparing the ritual that would rid the world of pure innocence. She had to stop him, but she was locked away, as much a victim as the real deal.

She would have to try harder to escape. As she walked, a plan began to form in her mind. A desperate plan but one that would soon take place.

The End

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