Chapter 2: ProphesyMature

This chapter marks POV change as in nearly every romance novel.


Laura awoke feeling utter happiness and that alone was enough to alert her that something was different with her life. She was confused as to where she was at first. Why was she lying in this clearing. Then the memories came rushing back to her and she looked for the dragon egg but what was lying next to her was not an egg but a live dragon.

It was curled next to her a satisfied look on his face and she realized that he didn't yet have a name. One danced just within reach and not knowing how she knew that this dragon was male but the same feeling that had accompanied her throughout her whole life was now present and indeed a name came to mind.

It was the perfect name for a creature that oozed perfection. Dracon. As soon as this name popped into her head, Dracon stirred as if he had heard her and looked at her with emerald eyes that shone with an intellegence that bordered on ancient wisdom instead of only a few minutes.


I heard her name me and the name woke me from a protective sleep. For as soon as we bond we are sworn to protect that which is bound to us. I will give my life for her and in that moment I knew the opposite was true too. There are three parts of an ancient prophesy that newly bonded and hatched dragons will hear upon their hatching. If we are lucky to bond (the single happiest moment in a dragon's life is to share their life with another) we will hatch. Dragons can spend eternity waiting in their shell for the perfect match.

The first part of the prophesy is common knowlege and that is a dragon and human share the same body. If harm is brought to one the other will feel it. It can be anything, pain or pleasure it doesn't matter. This allows for no secrets between the two. I will always know where she is. I know her name is Laura and in that moment I had access to her thoughts (the ones she didn't know how to block anyway) She was escaping an arranged marrage that all girls her age (15) go through.

Her people feared any and all of our kind seemingly with no reason. I found it strange that she didn't but this human fasinated me. I wondered if she knew what was to come. Though I had a hatchling's body, bonded dragons grow extremely quickly.

The second Prophesy is only told to select dragons. If their destiny was to be more then a simple dragon. I didn't fully understand why I heard it at all as we are told the prophesy that is common knowlege to all no matter what and only if we are meant to know the rest will we be told. It helps to not have a curious nature.

The prophesy is confusing even to me but when I heard it I knew that when the time came it would make sense. To truly defeat evil two must become one and the essense of that oneness will be the bane that ends the darkness.

Like I said confusing but it is told to only a select few of dragon kind. The third part of the prophesy is told like the second, confusing.

When in danger and your life is utterly hopeless turn to within to fully heal.

I had no idea what any of these meant but important dragons will hear them upon there bonded hatching. I stored them away and focused on the human that had released me from my egg. Tears were running down her face but I knew they were tears of happiness not sadness. I had already grown several inches in the time that we had stared into each others eyes. She didn't seem to notice that I had grown a little.

A unicorn was standing off to the side and I knew her upon sight. An oddball of the unicorn race but a kind heart and known for her match making. She nodded accepting that I had read her mind. She must have sensed the human that had become my Beloved was worthy.

"If we are done with the formalities I think it is time for us to be off." Laura's head did a comical abrupt turn to stare at the unicorn whose name was Fancy. "Go? I don't want to go. Fuck my parents." Anyone not human shared a laugh at that. She didn't know why she wanted to stay. It was what every bonded pair went through.

Laura seemed to know that we were laughing at her and glared at everyone. "Why is it that the maiden who finds true happiness must always go back to her shitty life." She raised a good point but the thing was that humans must never find this place. She entered of her own free will and therefore was exempt from this.


Laura felt left out as the strange noise that could only be laughter occured. Dracon still had not spoken to her but he didn't have to. He said all there was to say just by her looking into those emerald eyes.

"While I feel no threat from you my dear human, there are more greedy humans out there then you my dear. I know a bit about bonded couples and the thing is you must never seperate for longer then is absolutly nessesary. Otherwise dastardly things would happen." Laura rolled her eyes. "Oh that sounds so cheezy. I had no intension of leaving Dracon. I will make it possible even if I have to knock out potential witnesses."

Again the strange noise that could only be laughter occured and sighing she picked up a now bigger Dracon and hid him under her shirt much to the consternation of dracon. "There now unless asked why I have a lump in my shirt, there is nothing wrong.

Oh but the fun was just starting for Laura and her new companion Dracon and when she would enter her village great and terrible thing would soon happen and no one would be prepared for what would happen next.

The End

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