The Dragon ChroniclesMature

Laura lives in a world where magic and mystical creatures are feared and hated. When she is forced into an arranged marrige, she runs away to a mystical forest and stumbles upon a dragon egg, bonding with it. Eventually the two fall in love and try to put a stop to demon kind taking over and taking eveything good away. To stop them 12 ancient relics are needed and also a pure intention. Contains Adult (xxx) material

Chapter 1: Bonded

Laura ran out of the house crying tears of rage and frustration. Her father had pushed THAT on her and her mother had went along with it. She didn't want to marry any of the boys that they had presented to her. As if they were auctioning her off for some kind of show.

She was 15 and of a marriageable age but that did not mean that she had no intention of marrying some half wit who only wanted her to cook and clean and make babies. After all that was what she sensed that was what they wanted from her.

She often was able to sense things with little to no clues as to actually being true. She had told no one of her gift of sensing as the other boys already thought er weird enough and if word got out that she could sense certain things then she would be labeled a freak and shunned.

Magic of any kind (this included magical creatures)was feared and hated with a fiery passion. This was another one of those situations where she differed from everyone and she hated being different from everyone else.

She longed for chaos and uncontrolled events instead of neatly controlled events with order and rule. She ran blindly away from her house hoping her father wouldn't send a search party out for her as he hated her running off to god knew where, at all hours of the day.

She had to get away from it all and she knew the one place that her father would never follow no matter what he did. The forest was said to be a home to all sorts of creatures including wonderful beasts that she had only seen in dreams. Unicorns which had yet to show them selves as they were very shy were only the tip of the iceberg of what lived in the forest.

Her biggest goal was to see the fearsome dragons that terrorized everyone else's nightmares but had yet to terrorize her.

She arrived at the border of the forest and she hesitated. She won't be found for quite awhile because of wrongful prejudice against all things magic. She would be punished but at the moment she didn't care.

She needed to escape for the moment and the forest was the only place that she would have the privacy and not be disturbed until she made her presence known.

Making a decision she continued her run and crossed the invisible line into where magic was a reality and people the myth. Sights assaulted her senses nearly leaving her stunned from so much beauty.

Here was a world that the rest of her kind would kill to see. If only they could get rid of fear and hatred enough to see the beauty these creatures had to offer instead of seeing outside where looks could be deceiving, they should focus on the inside where it truly counted.

Foreign flowers that she had never saw before and trees that looked like a hallucinating sculptor carved it out of nothing popped up and she nearly had a sight orgasm from being overloaded with too much imagery.

She stopped and stared around her wondering why people had to be afraid of something like this. Magic was certainly involved in creating some of this and she wondered where the creator was hiding.

So wrapped up in her beautiful surroundings that she failed to notice that she was being followed. But typical to sneaky beings something had to ruin it and a branch snapped and a curse rang out finally alerting Laura to whoever it was.

She spun around at the curse and what assaulted her senses this time was something she was never expecting to see. A unicorn was standing there looking horrified. "Were you following me?"
The unicorn looked over its shoulder as if expecting something to materialize and save it the embarrassment of being caught.

Seeing no worthy victim to blame it turned back to her and seemed to give an almost human sigh.

"I am sorry but I need help, its just I have never seen a human venture into the "dreaded" forest and you surprised me is all. You are human and not some vivid hallucination brought on by shrooms are you?"

Laura never in a million years thought a unicorn would know what drugs were. As if reading her mind, gave a very ladylike snort and Laura realized that the unicorn was female. Though how she knew this, was anyone's guess.

"Oh come on every culture has them. Did you really think you would escape that here?" Laura shook her head. Deciding that the unicorn was either crazy or sincere or both relaxed.

"Anyway, you smell different from the other humans that occasionally wonder into our forest for dares and raucous entertainment brought on by wild partying." Laura thought that was a complement and decided to take it as such.

"What shall I call you, I can't call you Unicorn as that would silly and a waste of time for all concerned."

"I will tell you. It is Fancy and now that we got the pleasantries out of the way, I need your help. I wasn't intending on asking a human but like I said you smell different then all the other thrill seekers that wonder into our forest. If you will please follow me, I will fill you in on the details."

As they walked Fancy told her that a dragon egg had appeared in the middle of the forest and no one else will venture close to it. She had guarded it from predators (the rare few that will attack a dragon egg)and still no one had shown up to claim it.

Before she had heard a rumor that human could bond with dragons and no worthy candidates had appeared before Laura.

How Fancy knew that she was worthy, Laura couldn't fathom. She had read stories where unicorns could only appear before virgin and she blushed inwardly but Fancy didn't strike her as an ordinary unicorn so maybe the stories were just that stories.

Finally after several more minutes they arrived in a circular clearing and the object that Fancy wanted her help with stood there in the middle. It fortunately was alone with no other creatures in sight.

Almost automatically Laura found herself unable to look away from the egg. She found herself drawn to it. It was a golden color with purple spots all over it. Despite being no more plain then that, she found herself unable to look away and had she been paying attention she would have noticed that her legs were carrying her toward what to her was the single most beautiful thing in the world.

One step then two and soon she found herself close by. She didn't ask if it was okay to hold the egg it just felt right. As if her whole life was leading up to this moment.

Slowly, very slowly one hand reached out. It seemed to take forever but finally her hand was near the object of utmost beauty. Hesitating a millisecond she finally touched the egg and as soon as her hand touched it. She felt joy a very powerful joy as if everything good in the world was happening to her.

The last thing she saw was Fancy leaving and then darkness. But the feeling of intense joy was still with her.


The room was nothing specific but it was satisfactory for its purpose. The only occupant in the room was a giant. But unlike your average giant he was able to fit in the room with comfort. This was because, his kind were able to adjust to their surroundings and he was no exception.

What he needed now was more time. His kind were sensitive to light and because of that the room was dark but that was not a problem for someone like him. He could easily see in the dark it was just the creatures of light that thrived in the sun that was the problem.

He needed a way to overcome the allergy to light and to do that a creature of the light had to die in a bloody sacrifice wiping out all traces of the sun. He didn't need to understand the specifics, all he needed was someone or something to be that sacrifice. He was patient, he lived forever and couldn't be killed and with long life, come great patience. A chair materialized out of nowhere and he sat pondering what to do next.

The End

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