The Dragon Child

Eva is a 12 year old girl, and she has a story to tell you. She isn't like the other girls her age. Come to say it, she's only been alive for a month or so.

My heart is fluttering like a bird in a cage. I hold the tree bark even tighter, until it hurts against my skin. Dizzy sickness drowns me. I'm trying to hold my head above this feeling, but it keeps dragging me back down. I begin to thrash, and blackness eats me whole.
I wake, what I think is an hour later, still alone, staring at feathery outcrops of the pines. There is pain like a rock in the side of my head, and I push myself up and lean on the tree I had clung to before. My nail marks are still in the soft bark. I look at my hands, rubbed raw and sticky with sap. /Where are you Eva?/
Somethings you should know about Eva. 1- Eva is me 2-Appart from previously, Eva never calls herself by me, I, or mine. 3- Eva wants revenge

The End

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