At the funeral, Emily Swan watched her dad carry her coffin down the aisle, rather than walking her down the aisle to meet her husband. Her mother's tears couldn't be stopped, not even by her father who had tried.  Her heart broke as she watched them put her body into the ground. She knew she had done the right thing. She was at peace but in creating her peace, she'd destroyed her parents.
  Jake came behind her and took her hand. They looked at each other in a silent agreement then continued to watch the funeral. Flowers were laid upon her grave as the crying continued, watering the roses that her mother and family had laid on the grave. Her father supported her mother as they left the graveyard and tried to continue with their life. As the last person left Emily turned to Jake. "I'm ready" She said. At that point Hannah arrived the other side of her. Emily gave her a worn smile.

"Time to go" Jake said.  

The End

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