One final time

Now my tale is written, I can end. I killed my best friend, I killed his sister. I am a murder and have gotten away with it for years. But now no one will save me, and I don't deserve to be saved. I can't drown, his cuts can't kill. 
 I went back to the cliff, on my own. The memory of him attacking me here is still strong and I can't cope with the torment of the past. So you see my family, this is what I did, I went mad, crazy, whatever you call it. So I'm going to end it. I can only hope when you find this you will understand. I can't/couldn't bear this. I belong with Jake, we weren't fit for one to live while the other is dead. I need to die so Jake can be with Hannah and I with him. Nothing can stop this guilt.

I will see you soon

Emily Swan  

The End

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