Drown with me

The sand was cool between my toes as I looked up at the blue sky. On a day like this the beach should be packed but no one was here, apart from Jake and I. The water was hypnotysing and I felt in a trance as I walked towards the water, Jake's hand in mine as I struggled over the rocks on the beach-only in England.

I reached the water and the coldness of the sea made me take a deep breath in. I wasn't going to bail-not this time. Continuing into the water it slowly got deeper. By the time it was up to my waist I became unsure, but looking at Jake's face and what I'd robbed him of, I continued.

"Jake.." I whispered. He turned and pulled me into a hug. "what's up? Not going to bail out?" Our heads were touching and I thought. Shaking my head I said "Before I go....under, I wanted to tell you...how sorry I am." His eyes tensed, then relaxed. "Don't be silly, this is showing me" He pulled me even closer and as I looked up, he bent his head towards me and then, well, we were kissing in the sea. It was like a fairytale. Then we continued into sea.

The water went over my head and I started to panic. But Jake was there too look after me, soon we were sinking to the bottom. I pulled myself towards Jake so we were in each others arms again. Looking around the sea I could see how magical and calm it was. Hitting the bottom, I just layed there. Fish were around me and Jake was next to me. I felt calm as I started to drown.

Suddenly someone pulled me up and at the surface I was gasping for air. "Let me drown!" I started shouting, this wasn't right. I supposed to drown, to die, to be with Jake. I was pulled to the shore and my parents were there. Fussing over me. I saw Jake, the look of hatred was all over his face. "I'm sorry" I mouthed at him.

The End

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