I'm his, it's true. I always have been. He's always known it so he can wind me round his finger. I can't help it.

This night we are just sitting on my bed, he's behind me as he comforts me. I got bad news-again. My dad keeps rowing with Jake's parents and mum tries to support them. Anyway, they've dissapered from this town and mum blames dad. "you could end it," Jake's voice is soft in my ear as he nuzzles my neck. Not this again. I intertwine my fingers with his and look down at my duvet. I let my hair fall over my face as I mumble to tell him no. "but it would be so easy" His voice was like silk spinning. "I'll show you." I suddenly got scared-show me?

Water came from nowhere from the ceiling, a fast pace like a waterfall. I ran to my door yet it was locked. There isn't even a lock on it. I tried to shout, pleading once again but my voice got nowhere. I was going to drown. As the water rose I tried to keep afloat, Jake smirking at me. "A valient attempt, my dear" I couldn't hold on. Falling silently into the depths, Jake followed. He caught me as we were suspended there. Like a dream he pulled me closer, we stayed there drifting. Searching each other and I realised, drowning is so simple. Not violent or traumatic, just the peace of the water around me. I moved closer to Jake so we hugged tightly. As we hit the bottom the water dissapeared and it was just me and him in the room, hugging tightly.

I know what I have to do.


The End

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