Devil inside

I try to plea, but still I am tortured each night. Hiding the cuts is getting harder, teachers ask me and i shrug it of but they won't leave me alone!

So it seems the devil has entered Jake, I'm not allowed to work, learn or see anyone. Trying to concentrate is hard, impossible. My pen is taken from me and I dissapear in a black cloud each time so I scream. I've had to traunt school as they'll make me see someone. 

"I'm sorry" Jake whispered. He snuck behind me and hugged me from behind. I started to fall for him again. I melted into his arms. "It's since Hannah, I can't/ couldn't cope" He sounded pitiful. I twisted round so I could see his face. "I know, I really do. I don't blame you." He leaned closer and right by my ear and whispered. "There is one way to stop this" I was intruged, how? He mouthed. "End it."

NO! I may be weak with him but I won't take my life. "Your joking!"  His face said otherwise. "You will!" He shouted, " You took MINE, you took my little SISTERS, now you should take YOURS" He grabbed me and I tried to escape but the life was pouring out of me, a fire in my chest, blood leaking everywhere. Like I'd been shot, like I was Jake. I twisted. "No," He sounded so calm "you will go through this, you've no idea what I've lived through" His eyes were on fire and the pain and fire reached my chest, I couldn't breath. Wind ripped through me, I felt exposed to all elements and blood flowed out my mouth. I screamed for help, I screamed for Jake, I just couldn't stop.

Someone rushed over "are you alright?". I nodded, I was fine, no blood, no gunshot wound. Just shaken. The stranger wasn't convinced. "C'mon, I'll take you home." I ran from them to where Jake was silently waiting for me. "I'm fine" I stated and Jake looked down at me at said "I knew you'd come back to me."

The End

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