So much has changed, every night I have nightmares though they seem more like hallucinations. Cuts and bruises are appearing over my body, though cleverly for they appear in places others cannot see. Sometimes the cuts are in the shape of words like traitor.

Jake has become subdued but still, he will accompany me to school, but it seems the life has vanished from him. I tried talking to him but I fear he will snap.

The turning point happened. One month after Hannah had passed.

I awoke from another nightmare. "Jake" I tried to reach for him. He was in the corner of my room, brooding. "Get away from me" he snapped. I didn't understand, then he walked forward, his face was twisted. A darkness hugged the room like a blanket and shapes twisted and turned in the background. "Jake?" I was scared, I wanted him to tell me it was going to be alright, but his eyes were black pools.  ARGH! a searing pain happened in my arm, it was like a knife going through me. I tried to look and a cut was forming there, like an invisible dagger was cutting me.

I didn't understand, What was happening...... It  was only going to get worse.

The End

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