The Twist

I'd been tossing all night. The guilt was swallowing me whole, I couldn't close my eyes for the picture of Hannah behind my eyelids; silently blaming me.

As I woke, it was 2 in the morning. Jake was standing in the corner of my room, or I thought it was. Then I was sitting in the middle of the road, a car was racing towards me, it drove right into me. I could feel the pain burning, radiating from me. The life draining from me. Then I was staring down at me, my lifeless body, covered in blood. A deamon standing over my body. Suddenly I fell, finding myself in my bed and looking confusingly around saw Jake. "It's your fault" He whispered "You and you alone." I froze, please, just be a bad dream.  His face morphed into that of Hannah. Her eyes pleading, a tear dripped from her nose. The tears increased as she extended her hand to me, choking.  And suddenly, the tears became blood, creating ribbons of red in her hair and scarring her pale complexion. I struggled to breathe, and jerked upright in bed, my head swimming.

The End

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