The Funeral

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust"

I felt numb as they buried her, my only physical friend. I hadn't spoken to Jake since, he'd been hanging round his house. I felt the stares of his parents and releatives pin me down. They blame me, again. Now I have caused the deaths of both their children, but worst of all, I failed Jake.

The wake was awful. I walked in, and the room fell dead silent. Their eyes watched me all the way to the corner I sank in, and whispers followed at my back. Jake held my hand, the only comfort I felt. He was empty, like me. We shared our grief, but then we'd split. I would deal one way, by moving on. He would go the other way, twisting my timeline till I went mad.

Little did I know, he wasn't the boy I thought I knew. Time and death had irrevocably changed him into someone entirely new.

The End

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