It was a week later, it caused my downfall. The one thing I promised Jake I would do was look after his little sister, Hannah. I couldn't do that properly.

She was like my little sister since Jake died. I helped her through her problems, now at 14 I was helping her on the one thing most teenage girls spend a lot of time doing; boy scouting.  Jake was lurking in the background just to watch me make a fool of myself.  "Him" I pointed at the guy who was running around with his shirt off. "ewwww" Hannah laughed. I loved days like this, sun meaning tan, Hannah meaning I had a friend.

We laughed as we were summoned home. I slipped my hand into Jakes so he didn't feel left out. I should've told Hannah Jake was still here, but it was too late now. The boy with no shirt suddenly ran and took me by surprise. "Hey" he said, I blushed. Hannah was still walking when she turned round to see us. "Oi, we've got to go Emily!" she shouted. I turned, went to leave the stranger, and a car blitzed down the road too quickly. "HANNAH!!!" I screamed. The car had ploughed straight into her and I was numb. The boy went to call an ambulance as Jake and I ran straight to her. She slightly opened her eyes, she was covered in blood. "Jake," She whispered, "shhhh" He replied. I got up to see how the ambulance was getting on but the guy had left and a note saying 'the ambulance are coming' was all that was left.

Jake held his sisters hand, stroked her hair, wiped her tears as she left her body. Me, I sat and watched, each of Hannah's tears broke my heart.

The End

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