Jake's house

Yep, there's the glare. Excuse me being heartless, but I still talk to Jake. "What's the ritual this year?" Jake whispers in my ear. I go to laugh, but stop and start sobbing. "And the record has been set this year, well done, you've beat your last record that was 10 minuits, now 5 minuits" Jake seems to always enjoy taunting me on this day. As I sob, Jake's little sister, Hannah, comes to comfort me. She's the only one. I see Jake look mournfully at her. He adored her, when she was scared she'd rely on Jake. The one regret that he left was his little sister.

But this is interupted by his mum. "So you should be crying." I look up. Every year I end up in a fight with her. "I know" I say quietly but full of venom. "Afterall it is my fault, as you so kindly point out every year." I cannot contain myself, but I start shaking and as I fall Jake grabs me, and hands me to Hannah, so it seems she catches me. Just before I fully faint I hear his mum mutter "attention seeker" and Jake whispers "Hannah..."

The End

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