16th birthday!

I flung upwards on my bed. "Another nightmare?" It was Jake, sitting on the edge of my bed. "Not about me again in hope." He smiled, a charming but scary smile that made me shake myself awake and pull myself together. "Yes" I whispered, for whispering is what I have to do, or my parents will throw me in an asylum if they knew I was talking to my best friend, who coincidentally is dead. "It's the same one you know it is, the one where I..."  I cannot finish the pain and guilt stop me, it hurts too much to know I robbed my friend from his life. "Where you killed me, of course, glad you so guilty." Jake laughed as I savagely threw my pillow at him. "woah, sorry, sorry!" He looks so apologetic. Damn him, he knows I always fall for him.

Mum barges into my room. "Happy Birthday, love!" I roll over my bed. Since I was 7, or more precisely since I shot Jake, Mum has been keeping a close eye on me and asks me 'what's up?' on regular occasions. She asks  me now. I have to mumble 'nothing' into my pillow. She thought I was mad when I used to tell her about what Jake and I had done that day. So she took me took a counciller. The court said I was too young to know what I'd done but I knew.

" I hate my Birthday's" I stated at Jake as I shoved him out my room so I could get dressed. "Aww" He said "but birthday's are fun, It's my 17th as well today!" Did he have to remind me? Today is going to be so dull. I will have a day of family round, then a guilt trip to Jake's family where they wish Jake happy birthday and Jake acts all rediculous. I hate this day.


The End

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