I grabbed my underwear to join her ast the table.  I did not knwo how she managed to have an apartment like this, I had begun to dig in.  The meal tasted fanastic.  Over my shoulder I could see the living room.                                                                                                                            " Hi honey." a female voice came to my ears, that voice I recognized.  It sounded like the voice of  agirl I had been seeing awhile ago.  I had heard that she was a lesbian, however I thought that she had gone out of town to live with someone.  I had even proposed to her.            "I looked over at the woman who had just entered the room,  she was wearing a towel to cover her wares.  My eyes damn near jumped out of my head, as it was  teh girl I proposed too.                                                                                                                                                                        "What are you doing with a male?"                                                                                                              "Having fun, since you were going to be asleep, when I got home, like you usually were."          I looked at the floor, prayed she did not lay eyes on me, as I tried to slink back to the room, where my clothes had been when she took tehm off of me.                                                          They should be on the couch or beside the couch, 'Shit, that is where Cheryl is standing beside it!"                                                                                                                               "What if Bernie comes in here, and finds him here." she screams as she put her hands on her hips as she surveyed the area.  as did I =, my opants were not there?  Where were they?'                                                                                                                                                               As an older male walks into the room, through the front door. I look at him and recognize him as being the man, she introduced me to at the Top. Her father what would he say to this.  He spotted me.  Crawling across teh floor, trying to elude Syliva's eyes from seeing all of me.  If she saw my left shoulder she woudl see, the sar that I had gained from falling off of a roof top. She would know who I was.                                                                                 He father said, "I thought, you wee through with her.  I thought you had come again to become interested in boys."                                                                                                                               Through with me, What do you mean, through with me. "Siliva said as she advanced towards him, she hit him in the chest with her pointimg finger, to suggest he could leave.  Siliva saw me still trying to get out of there, without her really seeing me. She caught me, just under the ribs to roll me over on my back, so I was facing her and Terry's father.                    "Yes, thropugh with you?  You..."                                                                                                          " I thought, I could truist you>  But no!  You have sent her to .. "  Siliva suggested, that was unil she saw, who I was.   She said,"YOU!"                                                                                         I sprinted to the bed room, I saw my pants on the chair before the bed.                                    "You tiik him to bed with you! Did you not notice taht he had on him those worry beads around his neck, he is Catholic> ou have .. Done that to him."                                                      "You know, him. "                                                                                                                                      "Hell, yes.  He was the boy, who wanted to marry me, when he was eighteen.  He is just that niave, that he would not know, what to do with a girl!"

        "Why does he not have his pants on him?" my former fiancee asked, as I slammed teh door. Tears were running down my cheeks.                                                                                                  "He took them, off!" she declared, as he made love to me.                                                               "He is a virgin.  He has never been in bed with a girl!"                                                                     "What do you a mean virgin! He did this and that with me!"                                                           "Why me?  God, why am I cursed with having  adaughter like you!" her father said.              "Like me, "                                                                                                                                                   "What woudl you like to do with, if you had me, bed with you, instead of a perfect woman.  LIke the one you married" the girlkl I was to marry said to him. 
Ichoose to dive out teh window to not be any further involved with them.  Iwoudl be going to purgatory. At the very least,  I had better to run into church. To go to the confessional,









The End

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