To learn of loveMature

She advised me, to this and that.  I did these things, she was pleased with what she was tellingme to do.  She did things wit y bird.  I had gone to heave with her.  Than she turned her V to be upon my bird.  I did not think, it wodl be able to go there.

I watched it as it vanished into the hole, where she had told me to do this and that ttoo. 

She kissed me, as she had before her mouth tasted sakty.  I did not know why. My mouth had tasted her down there.

 could not look away as my bird vanbished into the hole, that there between her legs. she allowed me to play with her breasts. agian.  The tunnel fe;t wet as did her mouth as it played with my bird. The tunner slithered to hold my bird there, she rocked back and forth, hwe mouth opened ans she did thsi.  She said,"Continue, oh. Yes continue.  I will stop when I have had enough.  I think, you will be able to do this."

My bird felt as something soft warm walls that  covered my bird.  

"she moaned.  

She moved slowly continued to rocked me again. I felt is surge, like an electrical charge roared from bird. I had fallen asleep on the couch, she carried me into the bed room. When I woke, she had some soft music playing.  I could smell eggs hash browns and bacon being cooked.

I peeked out of the blankets to see her naked as a Jay bird.  She looked at the bed room door, which was slightly ajar. 

I looked at the alarm clock, I was late, for work.  Pop would have my head on a platter.  I jumoped out of bed raced towards the kitchen to open the door, I had to call pop and tell him, what had happened here. My mother would have my head. If she caught wind of what was happened here.

S"Tom, sit down relax."

"I can't I have to call pop>"

"Why?"s she asked as she looked at me.\

"Because I am supposed to be at work!"

"It is because I have to be at work."  

Its a holiday, Tom!"

"My mother will kill me, fi sge finds out about this> We are Cathiolic?"

"Well, that did not stop you for doing this.  Last nigh?"

"Oh! No!" My goose is cooked!"

she winked at me, as she put the food on her table for me.

The End

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